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A dual monitor adjustable height gaming desk setup lit up red and purple with LEDs

Level up: six features to look for in a gaming desk

From extra space to ergonomic enhancements, these six gaming desk features will keep you comfortable, focused, and plugged in.

Gaming is serious business these days, and the latest gaming computers are staggering technological marvels. But where to put that gorgeous computer? They're often not the smallest units and can be real space hogs when placed on the desktop. And it just doesn't seem right to leave them on the floor. A good gaming desk can solve this with improved storage, wire management, ergonomics, and other key features. Here are six things to look for when buying a gaming desk.

Black Eco Curve ergonomic UPLIFT gaming desk with a large gaming tower on a Desk Extension instead of the desktop

1. Size

One of the most important features is the size of the desk surface. It must be large enough to accommodate all of your gaming equipment, including your monitor, keyboard, and mouse. There should be enough room to move around and be comfortable while gaming. This includes dedicating desk space to accommodate peripherals and a monitor large enough to view both the game’s action and any streaming you're doing simultaneously.

Consider moving large gaming towers off of the desktop and onto a UPLIFT Desk Extension or Sidecar Shelf. This will free up desktop space while keeping the tower off the floor. The Desk Extension and Sidecar Shelf are dedicated platforms that keep the computer accessible while on display as the aesthetic centerpiece of your gaming space. Under-desk CPU holders work well for average sized computers and can be mounted underneath either the desktop or the Desk Extension.

Clearing off the primary desktop can help your space considerably, even if it's something as simple as using a clamp-on monitor arm, microphone arm, or cup holder.

Black Laminate L-Shaped UPLIFT sit stand gaming desk with Mobile Storage Caddy, 3-Drawer Square File Cabinet, and Under Desk Shelf

2. Storage

Another important feature to look for in a gaming desk is storage. Ensure that the desk has locations for headphones, writing utensils, papers, controllers, and other gaming accessories.

Black Eco Curve UPLIFT gaming desk with a Wire Management Modesty Panel

3. Wire management

Storing and organizing cables, chargers, and adapters is also important. Proper wire management prevents cords pulling or snagging when the desk height changes, and it completes the high-end, clean look of your desk. The best wire management solutions offer convenient battlestation reconfiguration, allowing you to swap out a mouse, speaker, or monitor without completely redoing your wire management.

An ergonomic UPLIFT standing desk with a Pursuit Chair and dual monitor arm in a gaming room with LED lights

4. Ergonomics

When you're spending hours repeating the same motions over and over and over, ergonomics becomes exceptionally important. Make sure that the desk you choose is comfortable for long periods of time and does not cause any pain or discomfort. A height adjustable desk lets you find the sweet spot for back, neck, wrist, and arm comfort. Incorporating a keyboard tray and monitor arm(s) gives even more customization.

Additionally, using a standing desk gives you the opportunity to work more movement into gaming sessions by switching between sitting and standing occasionally. This helps combat the negative health effects of staying seated for long periods. Having a proper ergonomic chair also allows you to stay focused and comfortably supported during intense sessions.

A gaming setup with dual monitors, ergonomic keyboard, gaming tower on UPLIFT Desk Extension, and other accessories on an UPLIFT eco curve sit stand desk

5. Quality

Once you've got the computer tower in the right spot, all accessories installed and positioned, and the cables routed, you've likely dedicated many hours and dollars to putting together your dream setup. Ideally, this is something you'd do once and reap the benefits for years to come, but a broken desk can throw a wrench into those plans. Seek out quality brands with good reviews and comprehensive warranties (more on that in a sec) to protect your investment.

High quality desks tend to be much more stable and have higher lifting capacities, helping mouse movement and keyboard performance during competitive gaming sessions.

Walnut Laminate UPLIFT gaming desk workstation from Bad Seed Tech

6. Warranty

Finally, you ensure the gaming desk comes with a warranty—and not just any warranty, a comprehensive and long term one. All too often, manufacturers will have shorter term or even nonexistent coverage on the parts of a desk that fail the most. Be sure to check the fine print! UPLIFT Desk's warranty covers every component and piece of the desk, including all electronics and motors, for a full 15 years. That sort of coverage guarantees your desk will be working perfectly through thousands of hours of gaming and multiple generations of systems.

Taking these points into consideration when shopping for a gaming desk can help you narrow down options and find the perfect fit for your space, your gear, and your body.

Keep yourself in the game longer with UPLIFT Desk, and remember, real gamers don’t break and neither should their desks. Build your own gaming desk now.

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