CPU Holder by UPLIFT Desk

CPU Holder by UPLIFT Desk

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CPU Holder Features

  • Supports computers up to 50 lb
  • Accommodates most computer cases: 3.75 to 8.25 inches in width and 12 to 20.5 inches in height
  • Durable powder coated steel frame
  • Compatible with any brand desk with the space to accommodate the CPU Holder and computer, not just UPLIFT Desks (although you should consider an UPLIFT Desk if you don't have one already)
  • A 16" track is included that attaches to the desktop. If you have a desk with a upper crossbar that would interfere with installing the track, choose the Track Spacer option to create a bridge for the track to circumvent the upper crossbar
  • Choose the Desk Extension to add 12"x30" of desktop space and hang your computer underneath it
  • If you already have a Desk Extension, you can choose the Extension CPU Holder Adapter to attach the CPU Holder beneath your desk extension
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
Computer moving backwards, forwards, then swiveling 360 degrees on a CPU Holder with Track Spacer by UPLIFT Desk

CPU Holder (shown with Track Spacer) can swivel 360 degrees for convenient access to computer ports

White Laminate V2 Standing Desk with CPU Holder and Track Spacer by UPLIFT Desk

White Laminate V2 Standing Desk with CPU Holder and Track Spacer

Protection and Convenience

Keep your desktop clear and your cords in position when you add a CPU holder to your setup. Raise and lower your desk without worrying about pulling or tugging on your computer cables.

Protect your computer by getting it off the ground or off your desktop and away from dust, dirt, and spills.

The swivel mount combined with the under-desk track allows for convenient access to the various ports on your computer and helps position your computer just how and where you like it.

The CPU Holder is height and width adjustable to accommodate computers between 3.75 to 8.25 inches wide and 12 to 20.5 inches tall.

360 Degrees of Access

No need to crawl under your desk to manage connections to your computer. The combination of the track and 360 degrees of swivel provided by the CPU Holder makes access to your computer cable ports simple. Once your connections are complete, turn and stow your computer back under your desk and out of the way.

Computer moving backwards, forwards, then swiveling 360 degrees on a CPU Holder with Track Spacer by UPLIFT Desk

CPU Holder with Track Spacer

Under desk view of CPU Holder and Track Spacer by UPLIFT Desk

Track Spacer

Choose the Track Spacer to mount the track to an UPLIFT Standing Desk or any desk that has an upper crossbar or other obstacle that would prevent you from attaching the track directly to the desktop. The track spacer is designed to straddle the crossbars of UPLIFT Desk frames, reclaiming space that would otherwise be unusable.

The Track Spacer will lower the track itself by 2.8", and has the same weight capacity as the CPU holder: 50 lb.

The Track Spacer also adds storage space in the way of a cubby located at the front for wallets, phones, keys, or other small items.

Extend Your UPLIFT Desk Capability

If you have a V2 or V2-Commercial UPLIFT Desk, the CPU Holder can attach to the underside of the Desk Extension.

You can use the Desk Extension on any 2-leg or 3-leg V2 or V2-Commercial desk. The Extension is not compatible with 120-degree desks, curved corner desks, or 4-leg standing desks. It utilizes the patented mounting holes on the desk frame to add additional desktop space 12" wide by 30" deep and supports up to 60 lbs. That's 2.5 square feet of desktop real estate!

V2 Bamboo Standing Desk with Desk Extension and CPU Holder

V2 Bamboo Standing Desk with Desk Extension and CPU Holder




Warranty + Returns





Weight capacity 50 lb
CPU width Accommodates 3.75" - 8.25"
CPU height Accommodates 12.25" - 20.5"
Swivel at mount 360 degree
Track length 16"
Track spacer length Accommodates UPLIFT Desk tracks between 11" and 21" long
Track spacer width 7.5"
Track spacer height 2.8" H
Shipping dimensions 17" L x 8" W x 8" H , 10 lb (CPU Holder Only)


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if my computer tower is over 50 lb?

    If your CPU is over 50 lb then the UPLIFT Desk CPU Holder will not work. Instead, we recommend placing your CPU on top of an UPLIFT Desk Extension which can support up to 60 lb.

  2. Where should I mount my CPU holder?

    You can position it under the desk anywhere you don't already have accessories mounted! Use the track spacer to hop over the upper crossbars of the desk frame. Or add a Desk Extension and place your CPU on top of it or below it using the Desk Extension CPU Adapter.

  3. My tower is just barely larger than the maximum size listed, will it still fit?

    Unfortunately, no. The maximum size listed here is firm.

  4. Can I use this for a battery backup system instead of a CPU?

    Yes, as long as the battery backup does not exceed the size and weight specifications of the CPU Holder then you will be fine.

  5. Is there any harm in placing 2 CPU holders underneath my desk?

    If there is enough room under your desk for two CPU holders, then by all means go for it! But you may want to evenly load your desk by placing the CPU Holders on opposite sides of the desk.

  6. What is the Track Spacer used for?

    Track Spacers allow you to mount CPU Holder and Keyboard tray tracks over the crossbars underneath your desk, giving you the freedom to mount your most-needed accessories on even the smallest desks. You can see a Track Spacer in action in our Track Spacer Instructional Video.



Why Buy?

This CPU holder can support most computer towers—even heavy-duty ones that weigh up to 50 lb.

Features & Specs

  • Gain extra space on your desktop
  • Protects computer from dirt, dust, and spills
  • 360-degree swivel mount gives easy access to ports
  • All CPU holders purchased with an UPLIFT Desk come with a Track Spacer* so that a full 21" track can be used with the desk. Watch a video about the track spacer
uplift cpu holder


UPLIFT Desk Warranty Policy

We stand firmly behind the quality of our products. All UPLIFT Desk products come with a 15 Year Warranty, visit the Warranty page for the full policy.

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