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  • The Great Core Equalizer: Core structure automatically lowers and raises the level of back support when you've reclined at any of the user determined stops to keep you from struggling against any extreme
  • Outstanding Armspan: The Gesture’s arms mimic the movement of your own limbs—all the better to keep your posture in line no matter your build
  • Seat Pan-Handling: The Gesture isn’t only about your arms—the flexibly-edged seat easily adjusts in and out with the turn of a dial
  • Back Bending: The adaptable ventilated seat back moves with you as you adjust yourself during the day, and supports you with every shift
A trio of colorful and ergonomic Steelcase Gesture Chairs

The People Pleaser

Want to know why the Gesture is one of the most popular ergonomic chairs in the world? It's a chair that's made to fit the way we sit, no matter your size or shape. The Gesture’s incredible arm adjustability and instantly moldable back are all about fitting in with the the widest frames, most narrowly tapered shoulders and everyone in between. Best-in-class arms along with legendary Steelcase craftsmanship make the Gesture the leading ergonomic chair that fits all people.




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Weight capacity 400 lb
Seat depth adjustable between 15.75" and 18.5"
Seat width 20"
Seat height from floor adjustable between 16" and 21"
Back width 16.25"
Back height from seat 24"
Back lumbar height 9.25"
Lumbar flex zone 4"
Width between arms adjustable between 10.25" and 22.5"
Arm to floor adjustable between 23" and 32"
Arm height from seat adjustable between 7.25" and 11.5"
Arm cap pivot range 30 degrees
Seat pan angle 1 degree
Angle between seat and back 98 degrees to 125 degrees


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between the Gesture and the Leap?

    Steelcase designed the Gesture Chair for users who work on many different mobile devices throughout the day. It features highly adjustable arms, different padding, and is styled differently styling from the Leap Chair.

  2. Does this come with a headrest?

    The Gesture can be ordered with a headrest; however, the option is not available on our website. Contact our Sales Pros and they will be able to order the headrest version of the Gesture Ergonomic Chair.

  3. Can I add a headrest or lumbar support at a later time?

    No, the headrest and lumbar support cannot be retrofitted after purchase. If you would like either of these options, you must add them to your chair now.

  4. Is this chair available without arms?

    The Steelcase Gesture Chair is only available with arms. The highly adjustable arms are what set the Gesture apart from other ergonomic office chairs.

  5. I want a chair with versatile arms, is this the chair for me?

    Yes, the arms on the Gesture Chair are some of the most versatile on the market. The move in all directions and are able to go very low or close to the seat pan.



Why Buy?

This chair is designed to adapt to your body as you change working postures throughout the day, making you more comfortable and productive.

Features & Specs

  • Back support automatically raises or lowers with back tilt
  • Arms mimic human arm movement
  • Flex-edge seat pan moves in and out
  • Ventilated seat back for breathability
steelcase gesture chair


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