Steelcase Gesture Chair with Headrest

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  • 360° rotating armrests mimic the movement of the human arm for optimal support
  • Responsive 3D LiveBack technology allows the back to conform to a variety of postures
  • Core equalizer system adjusts to automatically increase or decrease lumbar support when reclined or upright
  • Variable back stop system creates a tension adjustable recline system that the user defines
  • Softly contoured seat edges minimize pressure against the thighs for better circulation
  • Adjustable seat slider offers quick seat depth customization for taller or shorter users
  • Optional adjustable lumbar support provides extra support for lower back with a 4" height adjustment range


A trio of blue Steelcase Gesture Chairs with Headrests

Gesture Chair with Headrest

The Gesture chair was designed with all your working positions in mind. This is thanks to the Gesture's 360° adjusting armrests that move up, down, in, and out, and even swivel out of the way when you don't need them.

The chair comes with Steelcase's LiveBack technology, which flexes with you as you switch sitting positions throughout the day, and a revolutionary core equalizer system that gives users more or less lumbar support depending on their preferences.

"Passive" cushion edges flex to reduce pressure against your thighs, improving circulation to your legs and lower extremities.




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Chair dimensions 22.375" - 34.625" W x 39.25" - 44.25" H
Seat dimensions 20" W x 15.75" - 18.5" D
Back height from seat 23.25" H
Seat height 16" H - 21" H
Back width 16.25" W
Arm width 10.25" W - 22.5" W
Weight limit 400 lbs.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there any way to shorten the lead time on the Gesture Chair?

    We do keep the Gesture Chair in black in stock as a quick ship item. Contact our Sales Pros if you are interested and we'll help you!

  2. What's the difference between the Gesture and the Leap?

    If you work on a variety of different mobile devices throughout the course of the day, Steelcase's Gesture Chair is for you. It features highly adjustable arms, a uniquely padded seat, and is styled a little different from the Leap Chair.

  3. Does this come in a version without a headrest?

    You bet! The Gesture Chair can be ordered without a headrest.

  4. Can I add more lumbar support at a later time?

    No, lumbar support cannot be retrofitted after purchase. If you would like either of these options, you must add them to your chair now.

  5. Is the Gesture Chair available without arms?

    The Steelcase Gesture Chair is only available with armrests. However, they adjust in, out, up, and down, so you can move them out of the way if you need.

  6. Why does this have a headrest? Why do I need one?

    Headrests offer an extra level of support for your neck and head, which is ideal if you are taller or feel strain after sitting in an office chair for any length of time. If you need a little extra buttressing behind the head, this is the chair for you!

  7. What kind of adjustment features can I expect from the Gesture Chair?

    The Gesture Chair is one of Steelcase's most loved ergonomic chairs, and for good reason. With an extremely high level of adjustability, this chair is ideal for multiple users, workspaces, and tasks. From the chair's flexible 3D LiveBack design to the extremely adjustable armrests that put you in control of your chair's design, this chair is customizable to your body and work needs.

  8. Do I have a choice of fabric?

    Yes, simply shop the fabric options in our handy chair builder to see what colors we have currently.






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