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Rubberwood Solid Wood Desktop

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Rubberwood Solid Wood Desktop Features

  • If buying a full desk, please select a standing desk model and customize it to fit your needs
  • Made with genuine, eco-friendly Rubberwood
  • Also known as parawood, Hevea, or Malaysian Oak
  • Handcrafted by expert woodworkers
  • Solid 1" thickness
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
72” x 30” Rubberwood Solid Wood Standing Desk"

72” x 30” Rubberwood Solid Wood Standing Desk

A person enjoying working at an ergonomic Rubberwood Solid Wood Standing Desk

Rubberwood: Durable, Beautiful, & Recycled

Starting off as Hevea brasiliensis trees in Southeast Asia, the lumber used in these desktops is responsibly sourced from retired rubberwood trees. Although its name would suggest it, this wood is not the consistency of rubber. In fact, its lumber is hearty like that of other hardwoods, which we handcraft into these beautiful tops.

At 1" thick, this desktop is durable enough to stand up to the rigors of daily use and look good while doing it.

Rubberwood desktops are available in a non-stained color and also with a dark brown stain. Both are sealed with a UV clear coat finish for durability and wear resistance. These finishes allow the lustrous woodgrains in these desktops to shine through, giving you options of style that match your office décor perfectly.

Finished without harsh chemicals or dangerous dyes, you can breathe easy when you bring a Rubberwood desktop into your space.

Pair with a height adjustable desk frame to get standing.

Learn More About UPLIFT Desktops See this desktop lookbook (pdf) to learn more about the many beautiful desktop materials.

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Warranty + Returns



Desktop weight 29 lb - 55 lb
Width 42" - 80"
Depth 30"
Thickness 1"


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is "rubberwood"?

    Rubberwood is a light blond colored, medium-density tropical hardwood sourced from the Hevea brasiliensis (scientific name) or Pará rubber tree (common name), usually from trees grown and harvested on rubber plantations. Also known as plantation hardwood, parawood, Hevea, or Malaysian Oak, this lumber is more sustainable for the earth due to its production cycle and the fact that it is utilized for a variety of uses throughout its lengthy lifetime.

  2. How is this eco-friendly?

    Rubberwood is environmentally friendly because it's felled at the end of it's lifespan producing latex "sap", and repurposed into furniture like desktops, tables, and chairs, giving it a second life that you get to enjoy!

  3. I like your solid and reclaimed wood desktops - are these the same type of wood?

    Although these desktops made out of genuine rubberwood, which is classified as a hardwood, might look similar to our solid wood desktops, this lumber has a slightly different appearance than our collection of solid wood tops and is denser than our reclaimed wood tops. If you need a desktop that blends strength and beauty, rubberwood is a great choice.

  4. How strong is this wood?

    Rubberwood is rated at 600 - 650 kg/m3 density at (12% m.c). What that means in layman's terms is this: if you need a sturdy desktop that won't warp or break, rubberwood will work for you.



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