Corner Inserts for 3-Sided Acoustic Privacy Screen by UPLIFT Desk

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Fill the gaps between side and rear Acoustic Privacy Panels
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Acoustic Corner Insert Features

  • More Enclosed workspace - add to your existing rear and side acoustic panels to create a continuous 3-sided screen. If you do not already have any acoustic panels, you can purchase them all together on the 3-Sided Acoustic Privacy Screen page
  • Desktop compatibility - works with any desktop measuring 48”, 60”, 72”, or 80” in width and 30” in depth
  • Flexible design - corner inserts bend around desktop corners for a perfect fit
  • Noise reducing - 0.85 Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)
  • Easy installation - adding the inserts is simple and tool-free. Includes left and right corner inserts and clear connectors
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products are covered by a 15 year warranty
Acoustic Panel Ceiling Hanging Kit

Left and right corner inserts and clear, extruded plastic connectors

Reduce noise without taking up space

Corner inserts connect the rear and side Acoustic Privacy Panels to create an enclosed desktop workspace

Peak Privacy

If you want to create a more zen workspace with less external visual and auditory stimulus, try adding these corner inserts to your Acoustic Privacy Panels. The specially designed inserts wrap around your desk’s rear corners and fill the gap.

These inserts add to the privacy of your workspace by creating an enclosed screen. They help block distracting outside sound with a noise reduction coefficient of 0.85. So, any sound wave that hits your enclosed privacy screen setup, 85% of it will be absorbed. That's one nice, quieter, more distraction-free workspace.

Easy Add-On

Installation is simple. No tools are required to add the corner inserts to your existing side and rear panels. Just attach the connectors to each side of the corner inserts and press the other sides of the connectors onto the ends of the side and rear panels.

Improve the aesthetics of your workspace

Light gray acoustic panels and corner inserts on a 60" x 30" white laminate desktop

Capture unwanted sound pollution

Flexible design wraps around 90 degree desktop corners

Perfect Fit

The scoring on the corner inserts provides the flexibility needed to connect the rear and side panels while wrapping around the desk corners. There’s a cutout at the bottom of each corner insert to accommodate the rear angles of the desk, without allowing excess light or sound to pass through. The corner inserts work with any desktop measuring 48”, 60”, 72”, or 80” in width and 30” in depth.

Once installed, you’ll notice the inserts are designed to transition seamlessly from the taller rear panels to the shorter side panels for a look that’s as pleasing as it is functional.




Warranty + Returns





Corner Insert Material 100% Polyester fiber (over 50% recycled plastic bottles)
Connector Material Clear extruded plastic
Corner Insert Thickness 0.6" (15mm)
Corner Insert Width 4.5" wide. Top-down view:
Environmental Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, VOC free
Recyclability 100% Recyclable
Fire Rating ASTM E-84 Class A. Euro Class B
Shipping Dimensions 22.2" W x 10.2" D x 1.8" H
Shipping Weight 2.75 lb
Product Weight (unboxed) 1.6 lb


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use these corner inserts with my side and rear panels on any size desktop?

    The corner inserts are designed to be used with side and rear panels on desktops measuring 48", 60", 72", or 80" widths x 30" deep. These desktop sizes allow for a spacing of 4" from the ends of the side and rear panels to the corner of the desktop which is required for a proper fit and installation of the corner inserts.

  2. Is installation difficult?

    No, installation of the corner inserts is a breeze. Simply attach the extruded connectors to each side of the corner inserts and press the other sides of the connectors onto the ends of the side and rear panels.

  3. Will the corner insert color match my rear and side acoustic panels?

    Yes, the corner inserts are available in the same 5 colors as our Acoustic Privacy Panels (light gray, dark gray, lagoon blue, brown, and green) so they will match your side and rear panels. You can also choose a different color than your rear and side panels to mix it up.

  4. Can I use the corner inserts with only a rear acoustic panel?

    No, the corner inserts were designed to attach in between a side and rear panel, so you will need both to properly install the corner inserts.

  5. Are the corner inserts flexible or rigid?

    The corners are flexible so they can ship flat. Grooves on the back side are designed to allow the panel to curve fit around desktop corners. A rectangular cutout near the bottom of each panel corner allows the acoustic corner to wrap tightly around the desktop corner while still being compatible with desktop thicknesses of 0.7" to 2.9".

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