Basic Display Keypad by UPLIFT Desk

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The Basic Display Keypad is an improved version of our original Basic Keypad
(Save $34.00 )

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Basic Display Keypad Features

  • Compatible with all UPLIFT height adjustable desks using control box versions 2, 3, 4, and up
  • Up & Down buttons feature large and easily legible arrow indicators
  • Digital display with large font indicates desk height to a tenth of an inch
  • Adjustable anti-collision sensitivity settings
  • Auto-dark feature darkens display 10 seconds after use
  • Angled display provides comfortable viewing of display face
  • The integrated 82" cable connects the keypad to the control box
  • Additional keypad options:
A Basic Display Keypad by UPLIFT Desk mounted to a 60" x 30" Bamboo Standing Desk
A hand using the Basic Display Keypad by UPLIFT Desk to lower the height of their desk

The Improved Basic Keypad

If all you need is the Basic Keypad but would really like to see the height of your desk when making adjustments, the Basic Display Keypad has you covered. The process of adjusting the desk to your favorite sitting or standing height is simplified by having the height displayed for you.

Quickly glance down at the gently sloped display with large digital readout while you zero in on the perfect sitting or standing height.

Just like any of the other UPLIFT keypads with displays, the screen will darken 10 seconds after use.

Tap Into Your Desk's Full Potential

Choose your keypad:

The Basic Keypad is an entry-level keypad with no advanced features. It has up and down buttons for height adjustment. To change the desk height, press and hold a button until the desk reaches the desired height.

The Advanced Keypad adds these features:

  • One touch movement (optional) - Tap a button to transition between sitting and standing height, without holding the button down. Lets you reposition your chair and get ready to stand while the desk moves.
  • Child Safety Lock - Prevent the desk from moving until deactivated
  • Min & Max Height Settings - Prevent your desktop from impacting shelves above or cabinets below
  • Auto-Dark Display - LED display will go dark 10 seconds after use
  • Desk Height Calibration - Calibrate the displayed height to account for the addition of casters
  • Anti-Collision Sensitivity Adjustments - Dial in the anti-collision system to be exactly where you need it

The Advanced Comfort Keypad includes the Advanced Keypad features and adds an angled face for easier viewing, raised dividers between buttons for no-look operation, and a satisfying, rubberized, soft-touch feel.

The Advanced Paddle Keypad includes the Advanced Keypad features and adds more intuitive desk adjustment with no need to look at the keypad to find a button. Double-tap the paddle and the desk moves automatically to a preset height. A programmable standing reminder feature buzzes to notify you when it's time to stand.

Keypad Videos:

Advanced Digital Memory Keypad

Advanced Keypad Feature: Tap a button or paddle to automagically position the desk. Then have time to move your chair and standing mat as the desk glides to your standing height.

Which keypad is right for me?
Which keypad is right for me?



Warranty + Returns





Functions Basic up/down desk control
Auto-darkening of height read out
Control Box Compatibility UPLIFT Desk Control Boxes versions 2, 3, 4, and up
Housing Material Molded plastic
Dimensions 2.3" W x 2.3" D x 1.3" H
Cable length 82"
Shipping dimensions and weight 3" L x 3" W x 3" H, 1 lb when sold separately, otherwise is shipped inside consolidated boxes


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between this keypad and the Basic keypad?

    The primary difference between the Basic Keypad and the Display Keypad is the addition of the numerical height display.

  2. What is the auto-dark feature and what does it do?

    Like all of our keypads with displays, the auto-dark feature turns the display off after a period of about 10 seconds. This is particularly beneficial when working in darker environments.

  3. Can I access any of the Advanced Keypad features with this keypad?

    With the exception of the auto-dark feature, this keypad is not designed to access advanced features with the exception of the anti-collision sensitivity setting. To take complete advantage of the rest of your desk's features and capabilities, select the Advanced Keypad, Advanced Comfort Keypad, or Advanced Paddle Keypad.

  4. Is it difficult to install?

    The keypad is attached to the desktop with two wood screws included with your desk frame. If you have an UPLIFT desktop, there are pre-drilled holes you can use. The keypad then plugs into any UPLIFT control box version 2, 3, 4, or higher. See Basic Display Keypad Installation Instructions (pdf).

  5. Do I need to purchase a cable with this?

    No, there is an integrated 82" cable that comes attached to the keypad.



Why Buy?

Provides simple up and down adjustment for your height adjustable desk with the added benefit of a digital display of your desk's height.

Features & Specs

  • Simple to use, up and down buttons with arrows
  • Desk height display with auto-dark feature
  • Angled face for easy viewing
uplift advanced comfort keypad


Resetting Your Desk

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