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The Zilker Dual Monitor Arm is easily posable where you want it.
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  • Let our most aesthetically-pleasing and stylish monitor arm help you control two screens while you work and change monitor angles, heights, and distances on the fly. You can also add a laptop mount to give your laptop a boost
  • Give monitors from 4.4 lb - 11 lb the ability to glide above your desk—as well as raise from 6.75" - 19" (as measured from the desktop to the center of the VESA mount)
  • Installation is easy. The monitor arm securely clamps onto the back edge of desktops 0.75" - 3.75" thick—or can be bolt-mounted through holes 0.4" - 3.15" in diameter on 0.6" - 2.13" thick desktops
  • Reposition your monitors effortlessly—perfect for collaborating with coworkers. Rotation stop feature also allows you to halt your arms at the back edge of the desk to avoid hitting objects. Remove the locking pin to rotate 360 degrees
  • Reclaim valuable desk space in front of you by lifting your monitors up off the desktop. Then, snap all the cables into the integrated wire management clips for a clean, streamlined look
  • Attach your monitors to the arm easily using quick-release VESA mount
  • Choose the same finish as your UPLIFT Desk frame to coordinate your workspace design
  • This accessory is also compatible with non-UPLIFT desks
  • Be sure to check that your monitor's weight is compatible with the arm's capabilities
Zilker Dual Monitor Arm

The Zilker Dual Monitor Arm

Austin's Zilker Park is well-known for its beautiful, eye-catching views of the downtown skyline and Lady Bird Lake. Named after the famous locale, our Zilker Dual Monitor Arm provides an equally uplifting view of your monitors, elevating your comfort level and perspective. This monitor arm is our most aesthetically-pleasing and attractive option, and its lightweight, sleek, and durable design help it outrank all other monitor arms on the market.

Designed to give you more freedom to move and more control over your monitors' positions, the Zilker enables you to work in greater comfort than you can without monitor arms. Enjoy an ergonomically optimal view of both your screens, whether you're sitting, standing, or sharing your monitors with collaborating coworkers.

With a wide range of adjustments available, built-in wire management, two mounting options, and color choices that match your UPLIFT Desk and other accessories, your monitors can finally rise to your level—both in height and style. You can even add a laptop mount, to elevate your portable computer, too.

UPLIFT Monitor Comparison Chart
UPLIFT Monitor Comparison Chart

Why Use the Zilker Dual Monitor Arm?

If you feel any neck strain or soreness after sitting in front of your monitors, don't accept it as a natural consequence of computer work. Free your screens from your desktop and position them where they're most comfortable for your eyes, your neck, and the rest of your body.

Able to support monitors that weigh from a light 4.4 lb up to a heavier 11 lb, the Zilker Dual Monitor Arm is an ideal ergonomic solution for most monitors on the market today. Adjustments are easy; a spring mechanism allows for the arm's smooth travel from 6.75" - 19" high (a dynamic 12.5" range, measured from the center of the VESA mount), giving you a broad spectrum of choice for your monitors' sweet spot.

If you want to move your screens independently from each other, installing two Zilker Single Monitor Arms lets you fully articulate your screens and works for wider monitors that still fall within the Zilker's weight range.

Portrait and Landscape viewing modes on the Zilker Dual Monitor Arm

60x30 Carbonized Bamboo Desktop

A user rotates the Zilker Dual Monitor Arm

60x30 Carbonized Bamboo Desktop

Simple Adjustments and Rotation Control

Make work a breeze. Shift your monitors effortlessly, rotate to landscape or portrait mode, and tilt your screens independently from -30 to +30 degrees. All of this freedom allows you to share your screen with your coworkers much more easily than before, keeping you comfortably collaborating for as long as the project takes.

Stopping pin restricts the arm from rotating past the back edge of your desk, keeping your arm from interfering with objects and people in the area. This is a must-have feature for back-to-back desks or workstations that sit within cubicles or next to office walkways—as well as desks fitted with rear privacy panels. Want to move the arm past this point? Just remove the pin to let it rotate 360 degrees in any direction.

Reclaim Space and Institute Order at Your Desk

It's your desktop, so why aren't you using all of it? Installing a dual monitor arm like the Zilker allows you to elevate your monitors, while simultaneously opening up extra space on your desktop. You'll have a much more efficient workstation, letting you use the extra room for writing, organization, accessories, and more.

When you're looking to implement a streamlined look, the Zilker Dual Monitor Arm's integrated cable management makes it easy, allowing you to route cords through the arm and down the back of your desk. Your area will look cleaner and your day will be more productive without a mess of distracting cords hanging precariously from your monitor.

Integrated cable managament on the Zilker Dual Monitor Arm
Clamp mount on the Zilker Dual Monitor Arm

Installation as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

We give you two methods to choose from: clamp mount and bolt-through mount. Depending on your desk's thickness and configuration, you can decide which one is right for you.

Our sturdy clamp mount installs quickly to desktops ranging from 0.75" - 3.75" thick, and lets you attach your arm at the back of your desk to save space at your workstation. An optional bolt-through mounting kit, for holes ranging from 0.4" - 3.15" in diameter, allows you to install the arm right through your 0.6" - 2.13" thick desktop. Choosing the bolt-through mount means that you can drill a hole to install the arm anywhere on your desktop.

Once you decide which method is right for you, securing your VESA-compatible monitors to the arm is easier than ever, thanks to a VESA mounting plate that installs directly to the back of them. This feature lets you attach your screens quickly, without the need for an awkward balancing act while you get all the screws put in.

Attach Both Screens Quickly and Easily

Secure your monitors to the Zilker Dual Monitor Arm without having to hold them in place while you put in the screws. Instead, take advantage of the convenient VESA quick-release clips. Just install the included VESA mounting plate on the back of each monitor, pick up the monitors, and clip them into place. After the VESA plate is installed, it just takes a few seconds.

The Zilker Dual Monitor Arm's quick-release VESA mount
Color options on the Zilker Dual Monitor Arm

Colors to Coordinate with Your Space

Make designing the office of your dreams simpler and easier. As you build your ergonomically evolved workstation, match your monitor arm and accessories in your choice of black, white, gray, or industrial style finishes.

Please note: The industrial style color has an uneven finish. This uneven finish is intentional and brings out the color of the metal underneath. If you prefer a consistent finish, we recommend choosing a different color option.

Customer Photo Gallery

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Supports Two 4.4 lb to 11 lb monitors
Max monitor width with monitor at back of desk* 39.5"
Max monitor width at 6.5" from back of desk to front of monitor* 39"
Max monitor width at 13" from back of desk to front of monitor (close to fingertip reach)* 37"
Height range (high, low) 6.75" - 19" H (measured from desk surface to center of VESA mount)
Vertical articulation 12.5"
Forward reach 21.7" (from center of post to VESA plate)
Side extension 19.75" (with monitor arm extended straight out to the left or right,measured from center of post to center of VESA plate)
Collapsible Down to 3.6"
Arm pivot 360 degrees, 180 degrees w/ limiter (arrives w/ limiting pin installed)
Monitor tilt range 60 degrees (+/-30 degrees)
Monitor pan range 180 degrees (+/-90 degrees) (Rotation can be more than 180 degrees depending on monitor size, the edge of larger monitors will hit the arm before smaller ones will.)
Monitor rotation 360 degrees (portrait to landscape)
VESA compatibility 75 mm and 100 mm, quick-release
Mounts Clamp or Bolt-through included
Desk thickness Clamp mount - 0.75" to 3.75" / Bolt-through mount - 0.6" - 2.13"
Bolt-thru hole diameter 0.4" to 3.15"
Available colors Black, white, gray, industrial style
Monitor arm weight 9.82 lb (clamp) / 8.63 lb (bolt-through)
Shipping dimensions 17.25" W x 12" D x 5.63" H, 13 lb

*(w/ some loss of motion - Adjustment decreases as monitor size increases - however most monitors within the stated weight limit will be well under these size ranges.)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I set up my monitors so that they are at the right height and depth for me?

    Since everyone's bodily dimensions are different, what's ergonomically correct for you might not be the same for your coworkers, even if they're about the same size as you. Monitor arms give you some freedom to move your screens to the most comfy spot for your body, neck, and eyes. Need help getting started setting up your desk, read about how to set up your monitor (pdf) here.

  2. What if my monitor is outside of the weight range of the Zilker Dual Monitor Arm?

    If your monitor is lighter than 4.4 lb or heavier than 11 lb, it will not work on our Zilker Dual Monitor Arm.

  3. Is this arm better than the Range Dual Monitor Arm?

    That answer depends on your monitors, your desk configuration, style preference, and the adjustment specifications you want in a monitor arm. The Zilker Dual Monitor Arm is ideal for users with two monitors who would like to adjust their screens from 6.88" - 19.38" high (a 12.5" range of adjustment, as measured from the center of the VESA mount). If you would like a dual monitor arm complete with rotation control and built-in wire management, this is an ideal monitor arm for you.

  4. Is there a width limit for my monitors?

    With the arms completely extended and pushed as far back as possible, two 39.5" wide monitors will fit side-by-side (that's 39.5" bezel to bezel, not diagonal). If you decide to install monitors this large, most of the adjustability will be lost. You should still be able to tilt the monitors forward or backward, though.

    To give you more perspective on this, the maximum monitor width at 6.5" from the back of your desk (to the front of your monitor) is 39". The maximum at 13", which is close to proper ergonomic positioning for most people, is 37". Please note that your monitors will lose adjustability as you increase the size of the monitors you mount.

    Because the articulation range of this monitor arm is so wide, the weight limit of 11 lb will limit the monitor compatibility before the physical size of the monitor will. All monitors we've found in this weight range are well within the width range.

    If your monitors are very wide, you can also mount them further apart on two single arms, to preserve the range of motion.

  5. I have this monitor arm and it doesn't stay in place. What should I do?

    If your monitors are between 4.4 lb and 11 lb, don't worry—it sounds like you just need to adjust the monitor arm to the weight of your monitor. This is simple. Just use the included Allen wrench to turn the tension control screw located in the middle of the arm. If you monitor is dropping, then you need to adjust the tension screw in the direction of the "+" sign. If your monitor keeps getting higher, then turn the tension screw towards the "-" sign. Make small adjustments until you find the perfect balance.

  6. What is a "quick-release VESA mount"?

    The quick-release VESA mount on this monitor arm allows you to attach monitors easily. All you have to do is install the mounting plate on your 75 mm or 100 mm VESA-compatible monitor with a few screws. After the plate is installed, you can attach your monitors to the arm just by clipping them in. It's quick and doesn't require tools after the plate is mounted.

  7. Do you have this in a single monitor arm option?

    You bet! The Zilker Single Monitor Arm comes with the same adjustment features and accepts the same monitor weight ranges. It's just designed to hold a single monitor instead of two.

  8. Can I use this with other desks?

    Yes, this accessory is compatible with UPLIFT and non-UPLIFT desks.



Why Buy?

This dual monitor arm holds a wide range of monitors and includes integrated cable routing, helping you keep a clean look at your desktop.

Features & Specs

  • Add laptop mount to raise laptop off desk
  • Holds monitors from 4.4 lb - 11 lb
  • 12.5" of height adjustment
  • Fits desks 0.75" - 3.75" thick
  • Quick-release VESA mounts
uplift zilker dual monitor arm

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