UPLIFT Power & Data Pole

Telescoping design for ceilings between 8 and 12 feet high

Our Custom Configuration Process

Each Power & Data Rail setup is designed and optimized to meet your specific needs. Our design experts will guide you through every step making sure that you get a customized solution to fit the demands of your work space. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to place an order.



Pole Features

  • Provide power and data to anywhere in your business, even locations far from a wall outlet
  • Drop power from your ceiling to power-up our Power & Data Rail. Pole requires at least one Power & Data Rail section to connect the power infeed to
  • Pole can be purchased separately and added to any Power & Data system. Installation of the Pole can occur at any time, during or after the initial Power & Data Rail deployment
  • Telescoping vertical pole conceals and distributes power and data connections from the ceiling to the Power & Data Rail to support workstations anywhere in your office space
  • Eliminates the need to route power across floor surfaces when the Rail isn't near a wall or column electrical outlet
  • Pole is height adjustable and is compatible with ceiling heights between 8 and 12 feet high. The Pole extends far enough for a 12 foot high dropped ceiling
  • Constructed of extruded aluminum tubing with steel mounting brackets. The Pole is lightweight and attaches to any side of the posts of the optional Rail
  • Supports wiring for up to four 20amp power runs and up to 16 ethernet data cable runs
  • Compatible with both Byrne 8-Trac and Dekko 8-Wire UL183 recognized electrical systems. We recommend and typically use Byrne, but we can specify Dekko to prevent delays if there are supply lead time issues with Byrne
  • Scalable power and data system, you can add components as your needs grow. For more complex Power & Data systems, visit the UPLIFT Power & Data Rail page
  • Free design and planning services are available for orders consisting of four or more desks. Let us help you design your office space
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
The Power & Data Pole telescopes to fit ceilings from 8 to 12 feet high

Rail Features

  • A simple solution can be purchased on this page, it's composed of one Pole and one Rail and delivers 4 duplex outlets of power anywhere in your open office space (2 duplex outlets on each side of the rail). The standard configuration is 20 amps of power fed to the 4 duplex outlets. Note that it is possible to custom wire the Pole with up to 80 amps, please contact us to order for more than 20 amps
  • Both the Short and Long Rail are height adjustable from 17" to 24" vertically (measured from the floor to the top of the post)
  • Short Rail is width adjustable and telescopes 15.3" (33.5 - 48.8" wide between inside of posts)
  • Long Rail is width adjustable and telescopes 22.3" (51.5 - 73.8" wide between inside of posts)
  • Included data kit to optionally route and furnish two jacks/couplers for ethernet or other data ports on the face of the rail, see Byrne Data Kit Instructions (pdf). If you choose not to install data into the rail, a blank plate is provided to cover the unused data port windows in the Rail
A 12' Power & Data Pole attached to a single UPLIFT Power & Data Rail
Two Power & Data Poles attached directly to the posts of UPLIFT Power & Data Rails

Empower Your Office

The Power & Data Pole can be added to any configuration of the Power & Data Rail system.

The Pole's telescoping design fits any ceiling height between 8 and 12 feet and eliminates the need to route power and data lines across the floor to reach locations not adjacent to a wall or column.

The Pole can be joined to the Rail in multiple ways:

    • Attach the Pole directly to the Rail's posts using the included brackets
    • Locate the Pole on any post along the Power & Data Rail row whether the post is in middle of a Rail or at the ends of the row Rail
    • The Pole can attach to any open side of a post where no Rail is attached

The Rail's feet have benching capabilities to lay out UPLIFT V2 Standing Desks in a row, providing a 4" gap between the sides of desks for the Pole to be located in.

Contact us and we will help you determine the right Power & Data System for your office.

Power & Data Pole Configuration Gallery

Power & Data Rail Configuration Gallery

View all the features and configurations on the UPLIFT Power & Data Rail Overview page.
Modular and reconfigurable, the Power & Data Rail allows you to accommodate common configurations such as:
single sided row, dual sided row, dog bone shape, 3-pack: 120 degree desks, 4-pack, C-shape, H-shape, herringbone shape, and more, all using the same telescoping rails and posts. Simply contact us and we will help you determine the right configuration for you.

Desks and desk frames are not included with the UPLIFT Power & Data Rail

Single Sided Row

Dual Sided Row

Dog Bone Shape



3-Pack: 120-degree Desks

4-Pack: Curved Corner Desks

4-Pack: L-Shape Desks

Herringbone Shape

Office Layout




Warranty + Returns





Specification PDF Power & Data Pole Specifications (pdf)
Construction Extruded aluminum tubing with steel mounting brackets
Finish Powder coat
Colors Black, gray, white
Ceiling height compatibility range 8-12'
Shipping dimensions & weight 81.5" L x 9.2" W x 6" H, 19 lb
Power Pole: 81.5" L x 9" W x 8.25" H, 20 lb
Warranty 15 year warranty on all UPLIFT Desk products
Warranty page


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use this with a ceiling that is higher than 12 feet?

    The Power Pole is designed to telescope far enough for a small portion of the top of the pole to extend into a 12-foot dropped ceiling. The pole does not extend any further.

  2. Can I order the Power Pole in the industrial style finish?

    Unfortunately, no. Due to the Power Pole being manufactured from extruded aluminum instead of steel, we can only offer it in black, gray, and white powder coat.

  3. How does the Power Pole attach to the Power & Data Rail?

    The Power Pole is designed to attach directly to any side of the square posts of the Power & Data Rail. The assembly includes brackets that easily attach to Power & Data Rail posts. The Power & Data Rail feet orient UPLIFT V2 Desks with a 4" space between them. This allows the Power Pole to easily run up between two desks in a row.

  4. Can I add a Power Pole later, or does it need to be installed when I install my Power & Data Rail?

    The Power Pole can be added to Power & Data Rail configurations at any time. It does not have to be ordered or installed when you assemble Power & Data Rails. If adding down the line, consider where the current power source is for your Power & Data Rail and remove that infeed when you install the Power Pole.

Power & Data Pole


Why Buy?
Power & Data Pole by UPLIFT Desk

Drop power from your ceiling to power-up our Power & Data Rail. Pole requires at least one Power & Data Rail section to connect the power in-feed to. Power drops from your ceiling are routed straight to office furniture or equipment located in the middle of floors away from wall or column electrical outlets. Get the power you need without wires stretching across floor surfaces.

Features & Specs

  • This height-adjustable Pole feeds power and data from the ceiling to a Power & Data Rail
  • Pole telescopes to accommodate ceilings 8' to 12' high
  • Conceal ceiling power drops and data cables within this attractive pole that matches the UPLIFT Power & Data Rail

Read more on the Power & Data Pole listing

Power & Data Pole Instructions (pdf)

Power & Data Pole Specifications (pdf)

Power & Data Pole Video

Attach the Pole at the end or in the middle of a desk row.


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We stand firmly behind the quality of our products. All UPLIFT Desk products come with a 15 Year Warranty, visit the Warranty page for the full policy.

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