UPLIFT Power and Data Rail - Dual Sided Row

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UPLIFT Power and Data Rail - Dual Sided Row

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Features specific to this Dual Sided Row Configuration

  • Introducing the most adjustable and advanced Power and Data Rail on the market. View all the features on the Power and Data Rail overview page. We discuss features specific to this Dual Sided Row Configuration below
  • Dual Sided Row brings power and data to desks on both sides of one rail (standing desks are not included and can be purchased separately)
  • Distribute power and data to workstations, compatible with any type of desk and desk brand
  • Included data kit adds the ability to install jacks/couplers to have Ethernet ports, or other data ports, on the face of the rail. Simply install your specific coupler/jacks then integrate internet or phone. Two ports accept network Ethernet cables that are routed through the rail. If you choose not to install data into the rail, a blank plate is provided to cover the unused ports
  • Short rail telescopes 15.3" to accommodate desktop widths from 36" to 48"
  • Long rail telescopes 22.3" to accommodate desktop widths from 49" to 72"
    Note: if used with 49" - 54" desk widths there will be extra spacing on sides of desks because the rail only telescopes down to 55". For example, a 50" wide desk will have 2.5" of extra spacing on each side of each desk
  • Rail is height adjustable from 17" to 24" vertically (measured from the floor to the top of the rail)
  • If used with UPLIFT V2 and/or UPLIFT V2-Commercial Desks, the patented benching pockets in the Power and Data Rail feet keep workstations aligned. Simply lift desk leveling glides out of the benching pockets if you decide not to bench it any longer or need to reconfigure your office area; say goodbye to large, inflexible benched desk monoliths
  • Low profile, flat post feet allow any other brand desk to sit on top by adjusting the desks leveling glides
  • Add acoustic privacy panels directly to the top of the rail to reduce noise
  • Compatible with both Byrne 8-Trac and Dekko 8-Wire UL183 recognized electrical components. We recommend and typically use Byrne, but if there are supply lead time issues with Byrne we can specify Dekko to prevent delays
  • We offer free design and planning services if you are designing a space with four or more desks. We will also provide you with the electrical requirements of your design for Byrne or Dekko components
Power and Data Rail - Dual Sided Row

Configuration Gallery

View all the features and configurations on the UPLIFT Power and Data Rail Overview page.
Modular and reconfigurable, our Power and Data Rail allows you to accommodate common configurations such as single sided row, dual sided row, dog bone shape, 3-pack: 120 degree desks, 4-pack, C-shape, H-shape, herringbone shape, and more, all using the same telescoping rails and posts. Simply contact us and we will help you determine the right configuration for you.

Desks and desk frames are not included with the UPLIFT Power and Data Rail

Dual Sided Row

Single Sided Row

Dog Bone Shape



3-Pack: 120-degree Desks

4-Pack: Curved Corner Desks

4-Pack: L-Shape Desks

Herringbone Shape

Office Layout


Dimensions (per rail) Short Rail: 17" - 24" H x 33.5" - 48.8" W
Long Rail: 17" - 24" H x 51.5" - 73.8" W
Construction Fabricated sheet steel
Finish Durable thermoset powder coat in three quick ship standard colors (Black, White, Gray).
Our "Industrial Style" color is available with orders of 50 or more rails and has a 3 month lead time.
Hardware Steel fasteners with common drive size
Shipping dimensions and weights Short Rail 37.5" W x 7.25" D x 5.75" H, 19 lb
Long Rail 54.75" W x 7" D x 5.25" H, 28.13 lb
Square Post 20" W x 6" D x 6" H, 9.5 lb
Short Wire Trays 34" W x 4" D x 2" H, 5.5 lb
Long Wire Trays 52" W x 4" D x 2" H, 8.5 lb
Privacy Panel Brackets 5.5" W x 4" D x 1.63" H, 0.60 lb
Power Pole 81.5" W x 9" D x 8.25" H, 20 lb

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will the Power and Data Rail for Dual Sided Row work with my UPLIFT V2 Desk?

    This Dual Sided Row Power Rail can provide power and data to any desk and any desk brand! And if you have UPLIFT V2 rectangular 2-leg desks (with either the V2 or V2-Commercial frame), it can provide a uniform benching solution that requires no bolts or screws.

    Note that the Power and Data Rail's alignment feature (post foot holes) only works with rectangular UPLIFT V2 Desks that are 42" - 72" wide and 24"- 30" deep.

  2. How do I integrate data into the rail?

    Included with each Power and Data Rail are Byrne data plate and adapter kits. These kits add the ability to install various types of data jacks or couplers such as Ethernet ports. After making wiring connections, you simply snap your jacks or couplers (not included) into the appropriate adapters, snap the adapters into the data plate, and then snap the data plate into the Power & Data Rail.

  3. Why aren't UPLIFT Desks with 80" desktops compatible with the benching feature?

    UPLIFT Desks with 80" wide desktops have a frame with feet that are inset from the desk sides more than our 42" - 72" desks. Because we use a patent-pending Power Rail foot design that has pockets in the feet, those feet aren't able to pick up the inset legs on our 80" desktops. The Power and Data Rail can be used with any desk that is over 72" long, but the benching feature will not work.

  4. How does power get from the wall or ceiling to the rail?

    Power is delivered to the Power and Data Rail configuration by means of a power source infeed cable from a power source at the floor, wall or ceiling. Our hardwire power source infeed provides power to up to 16 desks from four 20-amp circuits (assumes a typical power draw of about 5-amps per desk) and requires a licensed electrician for installation. We provide you with all instructions for the electrician. From the wall, our components easily plug together (plug and play) and daisy chain throughout the remainder of the Power and Data Rail configuration.

    We also offer a three-pronged plug infeed option that can power up to four desks (at 5-amps each) from a single 20-amp circuit and does not require installation by an electrician.

  5. Will the initial power to the rail need to be hardwired by an electrician, or will it plug into a standard wall outlet?

    See our PDF for hardwire power source infeed information. If you choose the hardwire power source infeed, you will need a licensed electrician to hardwire the power source infeed cable. If you choose the plug-in power source infeed option you can plug it into a 20-amp wall or floor outlet. But remember, you will only be able to provide power to up to four desks using the plug-in power source infeed option.

  6. Can I use this product with UPLIFT V1 Desks?

    The Power and Data Rail is compatible with any desk of any brand. However, the benching feature is only compatible with UPLIFT V2 desks. The benching does technically work with UPLIFT V1 desks, but the side to side spacing between desktops will only be about 1" instead of 4" because the desk feet are inset from the sides further on V1 desks.

    Wondering how can you tell if your UPLIFT desk is a V1 frame? Take a look at the side of the frame. If you DON'T see the UPLIFT Desk logo, then it is a V1 frame. If you DO see the logo, you have an UPLIFT V2 Frame.

  7. Does this power and data rail have built-in surge protection?

    The Power and Data Rail is basically an extension of your wall outlets. The power will be grounded, but will not have built-in surge protection. Surge protection would be handled at the circuit breakers—or at your desks. Simply plug a surge protector into the Power Rail as you would plug it into the wall.

  8. How many colors does the rail come in?

    The rail is currently available in four colors: white, gray, black, and industrial style. Industrial style finish is made to order, requires a minimum order of 50 rails, and has a 3 month lead time.

  9. Can I request installation services?

    Yes, our white glove installation experts can assemble and install the Power and Data Rail. However, if you choose hardwire, you will need an electrician to hardwire the power source infeed cable.

  10. Are there any limitations regarding desktop compatibility?

    The power rail is compatible with any brand or make of desk. Benching the desks is only available with our UPLIFT V2 Desks and is compatible with UPLIFT 42" to 72" desktop widths and 24" or 30" desktop depths. When determining benching configurations, back-to-back desktops must be the same width, but side-by-side desktops can be different widths. (If you are creating single sided or dual sided row configurations using different length desks, contact us for help with rail to rail jumper cable lengths required. We will create a drawing of your desired configuration and determine all components, just give us a call, chat, or email).

  11. Do the duplex power receptacles come in more than one color?

    The standard color of the duplex receptacles is black. However, you can contact us to inquire about color options available for special order.

  12. Do you have the electrical specs for the Byrne 8-Trac System?

    See our PDF for hardwire power source infeed information. The Byrne 8-Trac System is rated for 20 amps allowing the use of 4 circuits with 4 line conductors, 2 neutrals and 2 grounds. The fourth circuit is isolated and dedicated and is serviced by its own line conductor, neutral and isolated ground. Under National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements, up to 13 duplex receptacles may be used per circuit, with a total of 52 available receptacles if all circuits are used, per single hardwire power infeed. The line conductors are 12 AWG and share a 12 AWG ground and a 10 AWG neutral.

    This power rail system utilizes (4) circuits; (3) for general purpose that share a common neutral and ground, and (1) circuit that has a dedicated neutral and ground. This dedicated circuit is sometimes used as the "computer" circuit since it does not share a neutral conductor, thereby reducing the chance for electrical noise originating from other loads that may be plugged in. But many users plug their computers into any of the 4 circuits without issues. Byrne duplex receptacles are marked as 1, 2, 3, and 4. Receptacles marked 1, 2, and 3 connect to the three general purpose circuits and the receptacle marked 4 connects to the dedicated circuit. IF you optionally choose to only plug computers into the dedicated circuit you may need to use additional power infeeds and an electrical designer can help with this - as a general rule, you can assume 250W (2.08A) for each computer receptacle and 180W (1.5A) for each general purpose receptacle when calculating for each 20A circuit.

    Product and Data Rail infeed diagram
  13. Can I order a Power and Data Rail with no outlets or ports?

    Yes, you can by contacting us to place a custom order. We don't offer it online because this is not a common configuration, but the rail is designed for it. Some users need a Power and Data Rail without outlets or ports in order to route power and data across an area where there aren't desks or other things that need to be plugged in.

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