Let's Talk About Tilt: The Fit Motion Board Provides Gentle Movements That Energize Your Workday

Every person's needs are different in the office. Not every space is built the same, with some of us working in less-than-ideal cubic square footage. Even though you may crave more movement at your workstation, when your job calls for detail oriented tasks, balancing on a motion board might seem out of the question. Until now.

Tasks like writing, typing, and drafting that require precision and a steady hand can make it hard to find that movement sweet spot. Too much movement can increase errors, hinder productivity, and make some tasks impossible to accomplish. But our designers are on it, responding to the needs of people all over, and delivering to the world a gently-moving balance board that can be fine-tuned to offer more or less tilt. It's our Fit Motion Board, our newest motion-boosting ergonomic tool to get you on your feet and far away from things like fatigue in the office.

The Features

Terrain: Extra Carpeted Comfort

We've learned a thing or two about anti-fatigue at UPLIFT Desk. We seek it, we cherish it, we practically demand it, and with the Fit Motion Board, we built it into the design. As you can probably imagine, its carpeted upper padding feels great to stand on, and also gives you a little additional traction for when you're tilting. We recommend trying the board shoe-less, or even better yet, sock-less, for the full effect.

Storage: Heel Grab Makes it Easy

At UPLIFT Desk, we take efficiency just as seriously as we take comfort. That's why our designers included a convenient heel grab feature on the back of the Fit Motion Board, so you can move it under your desk and out of the way without having to stop work to pick it up. This board is easy to stow away and it takes up little space (just 2.4" thick at it's highest point), which is ideal for work areas where space is a premium, like cubicles and open offices.

Adjustments: Adapt From 8 to 5 Degrees

Give yourself more control...of your tilt angle that is! Screwing in the Fit Motion Board's rubber bumpers allows you to adapt the accessory's tilt angle, from a reasonably tilting 8 degrees to a slightly less angled 5 degrees. These bumpers also stop you from rocking so much that the board comes into contact with the floor, which is jarring if you're trying to work. After just a few minutes of  assembly, you'll be tilting, twisting, rocking, and swiveling your way to more energizing motion!

Not quite what you're looking for? We offer a growing collection of motion boards, like our Bamboo Motion-X Board, E7 Motion Board, and E3 Motion Board! Check back soon to read more about little changes you can make that add up to a healthy lifestyle at work and at home on the UPLIFT Desk blog!