How to Add Desktop Power to Your Workspace

Posted by Justin Parker on Jan 23rd 2019

How to Add Desktop Power to Your Workspace

Finding a More Convenient Desktop Power Solution

No one likes crawling on the floor to plug things in. Whether you use a laptop, desktop, or both, you’re probably familiar with the inconvenience (and knee pain) of getting your workspace set up properly. You’re probably also tired of charging all of your USB devices right off of your computer. When you plug a device in for the first time, your computer detects it, installs drivers, and usually pops up some sort of dialog or notification. All you wanted was the juice.

When you step back and take your desk setup and work preferences fully into account, you may realize that there are a number of problems you can solve with a desktop power and charging module—and a number of factors you’ll want to include as you do your research. In this article, we’ll help you get started; we’ll also show you how our new Clamp-on Power module addresses many of these desktop power issues.

What Needs Power? And Where Should It Go?

Perhaps the easiest place to start is with the biggest (and most important) items: your computer and/or monitor. You’ll want to think about what you currently use and how you’re powering it. Here are some questions that will help you as you make your list of desktop items that need power:

  • Do you have a convenient location to plug in your computer’s power cable?
  • Are you running out of power outlets on the wall where your workspace is located?
  • How many monitors do you use?
  • Are you planning on adding anything to your setup?
  • Do you have a dedicated place for your laptop to charge? Is it easy to reach?
  • Do you need to add surge protection?
  • How many mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.) do you want to charge at your desk? Do you have any USB wall adapters?

Our new Clamp-on Power bank provides two grounded AC power outlets and two USB charging ports in a compact module that mounts on the desktop edge, so it’s great for light-duty setups like a laptop with an extra monitor—and you can still charge your phone and tablet. Or, if your desktop workspace needs a little more electricity, the Clamp-on Power is inexpensive enough to double up on. Do note that, at this time, it does not include surge protection, but we do offer a Clamp-on Surge Protector, if you're looking for protection against power surges.

I Have a Standing Desk. Do I Really Need Clamp-on Power?

If you’re already working at one of our Adjustable Height Standing Desks, or are soon to be, you’ll want to prevent your cables from snagging or pulling out of the wall when you move to the standing position. You could pick up a Basic Wire Management Kit, which includes a power strip with a 15’ cable. Alternatively, the Clamp-on Power module enables you to plug in your computer’s power cable right on the desktop—with 10’ of cord length to move your desk up and down without concern.

USB Charging Ports

Need an out-of-the-way place to charge your phone or tablet quickly, saving your computer’s USB ports for important peripherals? Here's a few questions to consider:

  • How many ports do you have open, and are they compatible?
  • How many ports do you want/need?
  • Do you plan to share power ports?

And then there are mounting options to think about when choosing on-desk power:

  • What is your desk's thickness?
  • Where do you plan to install your power unit?
  • What type of surface is your desktop made out of?
  • Do you prefer a certain type of mounting attachment?
  • How comfortable are you with installation?

Our two power port, two USB port, easy clamp-on power unit is perfect for most setups, and works on desktops ranging from 0.74" to 1.75" thick. That includes all of the desktops we make. And thanks to the anti-slip neoprene padding on the clamps, you don't have to worry about scuffing up your desktop when you go to add and remove devices. Installation is easy peasy and takes just a minute. All you have to do is unscrew the clamps, attach to your desk, and then screw down the clamps. It truly is that simple.

Power Your Computer and Charge Up to Four Devices

When you're looking for more power, we’ve got you covered. UPLIFT Desk now proudly offers the Clamp-on Power module, with two power outlets and two USB charging ports that are ready to keep your phone, tablet, laptop, and devices fully charged and ready to go. Don't skimp on having proper power at your disposal - give yourself easy-to-reach power that is right on your desktop.

If this isn't the exact power solution you're looking for, we have a collection of other UPLIFT Desk Power & Data options to help you stay charged and ready for the next task.