New Active Seating Alert: The E3 Crescent Saddle Stool and E3 Donut Stool Make Sitting Fun

It's well-known the importance of moving more throughout the day. Sitting for more than a few hours is bad for you and the negative effects of sitting add up: your spine is less supported, your body's blood flow slows, and your focus diminishes - and those are only the short-term effects. That's why it's not only important to switch postures more throughout the day, it's crucial to your health and productivity (have you even tried to focus on a task when you're uncomfortable? It's not easy).

You may already know about some of our other active seating options available. Our Motion Stool is great for people who want the most dynamic movement from their active stool, allowing you to tilt to the max thanks to a unique domed bottom design. If you're looking for more stability in your life, the E7 Stool will get you there, reliably. It features a stable base and a handle on the back for easy portability. And now we have two new active seating options to add to the UPLIFT Desk family of seating - the E3 Crescent Saddle Stool and E3 Donut Stool!

One Seat That Works Two Ways - The E3 Crescent Saddle Stool Lets You Choose Your Posture

We didn't reinvent the wheel on the E3 Crescent Saddle Stool, but we did re-think the seat. Instead of a traditional round shape, the plush seat is curved (think of a crescent moon) and rotates 360 degrees. This allows you to sit on the seat in two orientations, classic or straddled, giving you even more freedom to switch your seated postures than ever before. 

Additionally, the movement provided by this stool is generated from a point under the seat and not from the base, differing from many stools' designs, which lets you sway and rock side to side, perfect for those long workdays spent jamming out at your height adjustable desk.

Plush, Portable, and Perch-able - The E3 Donut Stool is a Perfect Side Seating Supplement

Take a look at the comfortably-cushioned plush seat on the E3 Donut Stool. It boasts a tailbone-supporting divot in the middle, making it the ideal side stool for you if you find traditional ergonomic stools uncomfortable in the center of the seat cushion. It also rotates 360 degrees for seamless collaboration and motion in all directions, letting you maintain eye contact with the speaker without having to twist awkwardly. 

Mesh, textured fabric is breathable and keeps you on your seat when you're perching at full tilt. And thanks to its expansive dome base that rests stably on the floor, you know this stool won't slip out from under you, even as you tilt. When you want more active seating behind you, look no further.

We're always adding to our seating options, from full office chairs (which we advise switching between with an engaging side seat) to motion-assisting active stools. Check back soon to see what ergonomic chairs and stools we have in store for your evolving workspace and read more about products we love on the UPLIFT Desk blog!