Three Ways to Ask Your Job for an UPLIFT Desk

Posted by UPLIFT Desk on Apr 11th 2019

Three Ways to Ask Your Job for an UPLIFT Desk

The world moves fast these days; is your office equipped to bring out the best in productivity in every employee?

As more and more offices learn the benefits of implementing more ergonomic design principles, it's easy to feel left behind if you're stuck sitting at a fixed-height desk. Millions of people have made the switch to sit-stand workstations, allowing them to move more throughout the day and keep away the negative health effects you can develop from sitting.

But there's hope. Thanks to things like insurance, HSAs, and doctor's orders, getting your height adjustable workstation might just be one request away. It all comes down to being able to explain what a wise business decision working at a height adjustable desk will be to your organization.

When bringing the proposition to your boss, we recommend highlighting one, or a few, of these basic points to shine a light on the exponential benefits both you and your organization will get, making it much easier to justify the cost as an investment and wise business decision.

How to Get Your UPLIFT Desk Paid For

Your job's manager or facility manager might be in charge of procuring new work equipment, which is why it's smart to bring your case to them with evidence and the products you want. We even created a little email template to get the ball rolling.

In case you want to lead with the heavy-hitting facts, here are a few benefits you get when you invest in an UPLIFT Desk:

  • Easy installation of full sit-stand UPLIFT Desks, or use a converter without the need to replace your existing desk
  • Work better and live healthier for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day (for only a few months!)
  • 7-year warranty on all desks, and a 30-day, no-risk trial on every product
  • Fast and free shipping to your home office or business
  • UPLIFT V2 Frames, which meet the ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2014 standard for durability
  • UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frames, which also meet the ANSI/BIFMA G1-2013 Height Standard
  • Bulk discounts with free accessory options available
  • Free space planning if four or more desks are ordered

1. Explain the benefits to health and productivity you'll be getting by making even small changes.

Not only will they see the immediate effects of working at a sit-stand workstation that supports your body better—more energy, less pain and strain, and a renewed vigor in work as a consequence of a more comfortable and supportive workspace. Your boss will get some pretty valuable health benefits, too, like healthcare savings and fewer workers compensation claims. That makes this investment much easier to digest for superiors, giving them real world cost savings that they'll be able to see in person and on paper.

Creating ergonomic workspaces for employees will help your business run more smoothly, thanks to decreased absenteeism and reduced staff turnover you'll get from having a more active (and healthy) workforce.

It's possible that your job already has funding for office equipment and perhaps even wellness programs; talk to your HR representative and show them just how many benefits they'll get when they give their employees the freedom to move more and stand at their desk. If you have employer-based health insurance, it's more than possible to get reimbursed for the purchase of your UPLIFT Desk.

2. If you have a repetitive strain injury or pain, get a doctor's note to strengthen your case.

That means if you suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, eye strain, or back problems from work, bring that to your primary physician, chiropractor, or doctor's nurse practitioner and tell them about how your workstation is contributing to these developing health issues. If you catch them soon enough and make the appropriate changes to your space, sometimes injuries can be mitigated, if not resolved completely, before they get worse and give your body permanent damage. Most jobs are willing to invest in systems that help their employees and company over the long term, and what is more important than the health of their most valuable resource—their employees!

3. Show them the amount of options you'll have for creating the right space that fits you (and everyone in the office).

When it comes to researching height adjustable desks that get you standing, you'll have your pick of well over a dozen of brands. But with an UPLIFT Desk, you'll get so many more options to customize your workstation to your body's needs—and your office's style needs. That means no cookie cutter black and gray surfaces* that you'll find in a lot of budget standing desk and converter designs today. Instead, your desk can be customized from the desktop all the way down to the casters, letting you piece together the entire workstation—and the work area—that truly works for you.

*But we do also have a wide selection of traditional office materials, in addition to black surface options for desks and converters, if that's your style.

Better Work Starts at an UPLIFT Desk

At the end of the day, your boss wants to know that the money they invest in the office and their employees is going to go to good use. This can even be compared to the money invested when employees are sent to work conventions or continuing education classes (and you can make this comparison, if you think it will help connect the idea of investing in employees and the benefits they receive back when they do).

UPLIFT Desk has been an industry leader in adjustable height standing desks and ergonomic accessories since 2003. Our passion for creating standing desks and office furnishings that assist every person in working better has helped businesses all over the world accomplish their goals. Our human-centric design can be found in countless Fortune 500 companies; we allow you to build the solo workstation or the entire flexible office design that keeps productivity at its peak and your employees in the center of a comfortable and supportive work environment.