Range Single Monitor Arm by UPLIFT Desk

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The Range Single Monitor Arm lets you uplift your monitor to comfortable viewing positions for your eyes, neck, and entire body.
(Save $111.00 )

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  • Versatile design and extended reach let you place your monitor at an ergonomically correct distance (fingertip reach) and height (top of screen, just below eye level). Arm adjusts quickly
  • Give 4.5 lb - 17.5 lb monitors a smooth range of motion with a 4.25" - 18.75" vertical range (measured at center of VESA mount)
  • Arm clamps onto desks 0.75" to 3.75" thick; optional bolt-through mount (included) fits grommets, or can be mounted anywhere by optionally drilling a small hole
  • Easy install—just screw the separate quick-release VESA mount onto your monitor; then click it onto the arm. No more holding up the monitor while inserting screws
  • 180-degree stopping pin limits arm movement in space-constrained environments. Remove pin for 360 degrees of motion
  • Free up valuable space: lift your monitor (or laptop, with optional mount) off the desktop. Integrated wire management organizes cables
  • Make everything look great together by choosing the same black, white, or gray finish as your UPLIFT Desk frame
  • This accessory is also compatible with non-UPLIFT desks
  • Be sure to check that your monitor's weight is compatible with the arm's capabilities

60x30 Carbonized Bamboo Desktop

Range Single Monitor Arm

A Perfectly Placed Monitor

We designed the Range for fingertip adjustability and a wide "range" of positions, helping you create an ergonomically correct sit-stand workspace. Adjust the height, tilt, distance, and alignment of your monitor to reduce stress on your neck, shoulders, and torso—and to keep your eyes from straining to see a monitor that is too far away. Be sure to place your monitor at fingertip length, with the top of your screen at (or just below) eye level.

The Range's effortless movement and rotation also help you collaborate more easily. Just nudge your screen back a few inches, or angle your monitor in a different direction, to give your coworker a clear view of the task at hand.

Let this monitor arm do the heavy lifting for you. Whether you're attaching a 4.5 lb featherweight or a 17.5 lb behemoth, the Range Single Monitor Arm is flexible enough to support either. Add 14.5" of height adjustability to your screen (as measured from the center of the VESA mount) and experience work from a whole new perspective.

A Simple, Smart Setup

You have two options for installation: clamp mount (which fits desks 0.75" - 3.75" thick) or bolt-through mount, which requires a hole from 0.4" to 3.15" in diameter (and fits desks 0.6" - 2.13" thick) anywhere on your desktop.

Clamping the arm on the edge of your desk saves space. The clamp can also fit into larger grommet holes. The optional bolt-through mount can fit into a smaller grommet (or a custom-drilled hole, placed anywhere you like on the desktop, for total control of where you mount this arm). The bolt-through mount includes a cable slot to route cords to maintain an organized desk.

With the Range, you can attach a monitor in seconds. Just install the included VESA plate and clip your monitor right onto the arm. Make tension adjustments to suit your monitor weight with an included Allen wrench.

Once you've installed the arm, you'll find that the stopping pin keeps the arm from colliding with objects behind your desk (by stopping rotation at 180 degrees). You can easily remove this pin, if desired, for 360 degrees of rotation.

Range Single Monitor Arm
Range Single Monitor Arm

An Ergonomically Enlightened Work Experience

The Range Single Monitor Arm is a great solution for raising your screen and reclaiming the valuable desktop real estate that is right in front of you while working. You can even get your monitor cables off the desktop and route them alongside the arm with included cable clips, freeing up more desk space and improving the aesthetic.

And if you're a laptop user, say goodbye to the crick in your neck. The Range can be paired with the UPLIFT Desk Laptop Mount (sold as an add-on option above or separately) to raise your portable computer to new ergonomic heights. Add an external mouse and keyboard, and you'll never have to compromise comfort for mobility.

Color Options to Complement

Never content with limiting your options, we give you the flexibility to customize your workstation in colors that complement your office setup. Coordinate your Range Single Monitor Arm with your UPLIFT Desk Frame for a designed look—in black, gray, or white.

Color options on the Range Single Monitor Arm
Range Dual Monitor Arm

What About Dual Monitors?

Do you like the Range but wish it accommodated more than one monitor? We thought of that, too. Our Range Dual Monitor Arm provides you with the same great flexibility you need to move your monitors into optimal positions, whether you're sitting or standing.

If you have two monitors that are on the wider side, or just want more control over where you mount them, try using two Range Single Monitor Arms. With two individual arms, you can mount your monitors farther apart from each other, preserving maneuverability and adjustability for wide screens.


Supports One 4.5 lb to 17.5 lb monitor
Height range (high, low) 4.25" - 18.75" H (measured from desk surface to center of VESA plate) - monitor joint can go below the desk surface about 1.25"
Vertical articulation 14.5"
Forward reach 26.25" (from center of post to VESA plate)
Side extension 23" (with monitor arm extended straight out to the left or right, measured from center of post to center of VESA plate)
Collapsible Down to 4.5"
Arm pivot 360 degrees, 180 degrees w/ limiter (arrives w/ stopping pin installed)
Monitor tilt range 160 degrees (+90 degrees / -70 degrees)
Monitor pan range 180 degrees (+/-90 degrees) (Rotation can be more than 180 degrees depending on monitor size; the edge of larger monitors will hit the arm before smaller ones will)
Monitor rotation 360 degrees (portrait to landscape)
VESA compatibility 75 mm and 100 mm, quick-release
Mounts Clamp or bolt-through, both included
Desk thickness Clamp mount - 0.75" to 3.75"
Bolt-through mount - 0.6" - 2.13"
Bolt-through hole diameter 0.4" to 3.15"
Available colors Black, Gray, White
Monitor arm weight 9.88 lb (clamp) / 8.63 lb (bolt-through)
Shipping dimensions 19.63" W x 13.13" D x 6.13" H, 15.13 lb

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I need help setting up my monitor arm at the ergonomically correct height. Do you have any tips?

    Don't worry, after a few quick adjustments, you'll be working in more comfort than ever before. For help getting started setting up your desk so that your monitor arm is at the ideal height and depth for your eyes, neck, and entire body, check out our how to set up your monitor PDF.

  2. What if my monitor is lighter or heavier than the weight range allows?

    The Range Single Monitor Arm is designed for a wide spectrum of monitor weights. If your monitor is lighter than 4.5 lb or heavier than 17.5 lb, the arm will not be able to properly support it. A monitor that is too light will rise to its maximum height and remain there; a monitor that is too heavy will drift down to its lowest position.

  3. Is there a width limit for this monitor arm?

    No, there's no width restriction for this monitor arm—so long as your monitor falls within its generous weight range.

  4. How do I know which monitor arm I need?

    That largely depends on your monitor, desk size, and desktop layout. You can use our ergonomic calculator to determine where you need your monitor to sit, and then check the adjustability specs of any UPLIFT Desk monitor arm to see if it lines up with your calculations.

    The Range Single Monitor Arm is designed for people who work with one monitor (or a laptop), and need to be able to adjust their screen from 4.25" - 18.75" high (as measured from the center of the VESA mount). Please see the specs tab for more specific information about this monitor arm.

  5. My Range Single Monitor Arm won't stay where I position it. Is there something wrong with it?

    If your monitor is within the weight range, then all you need to do is make an adjustment to the tension on the arm. Use the included Allen wrench to turn the tension control screw in the "+" direction, if your monitor is falling, or the "-" direction, if it's floating up from its position. We recommend holding the monitor arm parallel to the desktop while adjusting the tension.

  6. What is a "quick-release VESA mount"?

    The VESA mount on the Range Single Monitor Arm makes attaching a monitor simple. Essentially, once you've installed the included VESA plate on your VESA-compatible monitor (75 mm or 100 mm hole spacing), you can pick it up and clip it right onto the arm. Our team knows the frustration of holding a monitor up with one hand while trying to screw it onto the VESA plate with the other—so we love this feature! It also makes the monitor easy to take off—press on the tab to disengage the lock and slide it off the monitor arm.

  7. Do you have the Range in a dual monitor arm option?

    Yes, the Range Dual Monitor Arm has the same features and a similar range of adjustability—and it holds two monitors, instead of one (or one monitor and one laptop). The width limit for a dual monitor arm is not unlimited, though. Please check the specs for more information.

    If you have extremely wide monitors, you can also use two Range Single Monitor Arms. This enables you to place the bases far enough apart to accommodate wide screens and maintain adjustability.

  8. I don't have any open grommets. Can I still use the bolt-through mount? How much room will I have to run cables?

    Yes, you can use the included bolt-through mount if you drill a hole between 0.4" and 3.15" in diameter. This also allows custom monitor placement, as you can drill the hole anywhere in your desktop.

    Please note that for custom-drilled holes of 0.4" in diameter, there is no additional room to run any cables through the mount. Increase the size of the hole to at least 2.5" to accommodate a standard monitor cable.

  9. Can I use this with other desks?

    Yes, this accessory is compatible with UPLIFT and non-UPLIFT desks.



Why Buy?

This monitor arm has a longer reach and more range of motion, letting you mount wider monitors with more adjustability.

Features & Specs

  • Add laptop mount to raise laptop off desk
  • Holds monitors from 4.5 lb - 17.5 lb
  • Provides 16.25" of height adjustment
  • Fits desks 0.75" - 3.75" thick
  • Quick-release VESA mounts
uplift laptop mount



Why Buy?

Two Range Single Monitor Arms provide a wider range of motion for your dual monitor setup. Each arm has integrated cable routing.

Features & Specs

  • Add laptop mount to raise laptop off desk
  • Holds monitors from 4.5 lb - 17.5 lb
  • Provides 16.25" of height adjustment
  • Fits desks 0.75" - 3.75" thick
  • Quick-release VESA mounts
uplift laptop mount

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