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Eco curve desktops bring you closer to your work area

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Eco Desktops

  • If buying a full desk, please select a standing desk model and customize it to fit your needs
  • Desktop MDF core is made from 100% recycled material and finished with an infra-red cured epoxy powder-coat
  • Formaldehyde free, No VOC's, Zero HAP's, and CARB-2 Compliant
  • Roomy worksurface boasts a flawless and durable finish that resists stains and blistering
  • Pre-Drilled holes with threaded insert greatly assist when fastening to UPLIFT adjustable height or fixed height desk bases
A man enjoys work at a fully optimized ergonomic desk with Eco Curve desktop.

60x30 Black Eco Ergo-Edge Curve

A center cutout on the Eco Curve desktop allows users to reach more of their workspace.

Black Eco Ergo-Edge Curve

The Eco Desktop

Take a stand against uncomfortable desks everywhere with the Eco Curve desktop. This spacious desktop features smooth corners and a center cutout with a softly beveled ergo edge on the inside allowing you to work within your Neutral Reach Zone.

Eco Curve desktops use locally sourced, 1" thick high-grade MDF substrate created from 100% recycled materials and are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council.

The epoxy powder coat finish utilizes a proprietary, deep thermoset infra-red technology which produces the most durable powder coated MDF (medium density fiberboard) surface possible. Traveling through a specially configured, 600 foot powder coat line, the finish is applied to the entire desktop so there are no seams. During the finishing process, the epoxy powder coat is cross-linked with the MDF substrate at a molecular level for superior hardness and durability.

The result is a durable and safe finish cured by medium wave infra-red and specially engineered convection ovens. The Eco coating is a perfect, uninterrupted finish for the Eco desktops which feature smooth corners and softly beveled front edge cutout that allows you to reach more of your workspace. The finish has a light texture for an organic feel while providing the hardest, most durable, and water-resistant powder coated MDF desktop.




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Overall dimensions 48" W x 30" D, 60" W x 30" D, 72" W x 30" D, 80" W x 30" D
Weight 45 lb - 55 lb


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which desktop will hold up better, the Eco or laminate?

    Both desktops were designed to be durable and to hold up well to daily use. The Eco desktop is constructed of 100% recycled wood MDF, which is stronger and denser than particle board. The powder-coated Eco is more scratch resistant, while the laminate is more resistant to water or spills.

  2. How do I clean the Eco desktop?

    Although the powder-coated Eco desktop is very durable, you will want to clean it from time to time in order to keep it looking nice and new for years to come. It's a good idea to write on a clipboard or a pad of paper when writing down notes to protect your desktop from pencil scratches. And be sure to avoid any harsh chemicals, such as ammonia, and use warm water with mild soap when cleaning.

  3. How does the composition of the Eco desktop differ from the laminate desktop?

    The Eco top has a recycled wood core and is UV-cured and powder-coated for a seamless finish. It's similar in appearance to our laminate desks, but is thinner and does not have a border running around the edge. The Eco top finish has more of a matte finish than the shinier, laminate top. Laminate is composed of layers of thermally-fused melamine laminate over 45 lb density E-1 rated particle board core, and are thicker than the laminate tops offered by our competitors.

  4. Do you offer any other color choices for the Eco desktop?

    At this time, the Eco desktop is only available in black or white.



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