3D Ceiling Acoustic Waffle Cloud by UPLIFT Desk

Install as many Clouds as your space needs and concentrate with fewer distractions

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  • Reduces background noise in offices and work areas
  • Adds a visually stimulating decor to any space
  • Cloud is easy to assemble and install
  • Made out of dense polyester fiberboard, derived from 50% plastic water bottles
  • Lagoon Blue and Dark Gray color options
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
3d ceiling waffle cloud by uplift desk
lagoon blue 3d ceiling waffle cloud

The 3D Acoustic Ceiling Waffle Cloud

Stop a million office distractions before they make their way to your ears with the 3D Acoustic Ceiling Waffle Cloud.

Ready to deliver to office spaces everywhere a much more sound-buffered working experience, the cloud blends style and sound reduction so you and your coworkers can focus better on the task at hand, and not the latest office rumor.




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Dimensions 47.5" W x 47.5" D x 5.5" H
Weight 5 lb
Materials Polyester fiberboard (made from 50% recycled water bottles) and stainless steel hanging cables
Shipping dimensions 48" W x 6" D x 6" H, 6 lb
Fire Rating Euro Class B and ASTM E84-08


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who needs a 3D Acoustic Ceiling Waffle Cloud?

    If you find that you get distracted by background noise when you're at work, our 3D Acoustic Ceiling Waffle Cloud lets you create a more sound-sheltered space that keeps you focused. Shared offices, media rooms, and almost any space could do with more sound insulation.

  2. How does the Cloud work to block noise?

    The Cloud works thanks to 9 mm thick pressed polyester fiberboard (made from 50% recycled water bottles), which helps to absorb extra decibels and provide a space that's more suitable for working. Hang a Cloud in your office to add a touch of style while also improving the sound situation at your work.

  3. How much installation is involved?

    3D Acoustic Ceiling Waffle Clouds are simple to assemble and install. All you have to do is separate your different sized panels, assemble them in an "X" fashion, insert the adjustable hanging wires, and install these wires to your ceiling where you want the Cloud to hang. This could be above your work area or in a common space where you want to reduce ambient noise.

  4. How many ceiling clouds should I purchase for my space?

    A good rule of thumb for cloud placement is 30-60% of the square footage and have the panels closer to the sound source than farther away. For example, a cloud positioned lower to the ground will absorb more sound than one positioned closer to the ceiling. Keep in mind that sound absorption is best optimized checkerboard patterns or rows of panels are spaced at a minimum of 24" apart.

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