Externalize Your Creativity on the Whiteboard Sit-Stand Desk

Posted by Mandy Spivey on Apr 3rd 2018

Externalize Your Creativity on the Whiteboard Sit-Stand Desk

Whiteboard Sit-Stand Desk

Push your creativity to the limit and realize your ideas right on your desktop with our new Whiteboard Sit-Stand Desk.

We're so excited to add this laminate desktop to our line of height-adjustable desks. If you're a fan of doodling, sidewalk chalk, or just want to save a few sheets of paper while you keep up with your daily To-Do list, the Whiteboard Desk makes it possible.

If you work in an office, you're probably well acquainted with the wall-mounted whiteboard. In fact, you've probably jotted down notes during meetings and made illustrative graphs on them for your colleagues. Move that idea externalization closer with a desk that allows you to write on it and erase it when you're done. 

Made out of the same eco-friendly materials as our other GREENGUARD Gold Certified laminate desktops, you can be sure you're tasking at a desk that's made with only the safest materials. We pair the whole thing with our powerful three-stage UPLIFT Desk frame, giving you complete freedom to adjust for height and more energy for brainstorming.

And even if you're not artistically inclined, the Whiteboard Desk allows you to save paper when you need to keep track of temporary notes and memos. Save a few sheets and scribble your ideas down directly on your desktop. It'll allow you to keep your best notes front and center, so you won't forget who's bringing what to the next company potluck (or more work-related functions).

Use with dry erase markers and a dry erase board eraser (sold separately) for a fun and easy way to bring more creativity into your workday.

Of course, if you're looking for a more traditional sit-stand desk, we have a large selection of height adjustable desks with many different desktop options to get you standing.