Added to our L-Shape Lineup: Rubberwood and Bamboo Curved Corner L-Shape Tops are Here!

Don't settle when it comes to comfort and style. Our designers took our tried-and-true Curved Corner L-Shape Sit-Stand Desk, which already offered desktop options in solid black and white, and added two new tops to choose from - Rubberwood and Bamboo - both of which are good for the environment while being good for you!

Why Bamboo? Why Rubberwood?

It's no big secret why we chose to expand our desktop options to offer sustainably sourced and treated bamboo - we love bamboo! Our Moso species bamboo is chosen because of its quick growth rate and sturdiness, making it one of the most easy-to-reproduce materials Mother Earth can make for desks. Our bamboo is found naturally growing in forests in Asia, and since it's technically a grass, its reeds grow back at an incredible rate, making this an environmentally friendly desktop material that you can feel good working at.

Rubberwood is another surface material that is growing in popularity, and for good reason. This eco-friendly wood comes from recycled rubber trees, and is re-purposed from retired trees at the end of their life cycles after producing rubber sap for decades; our craftsmen then construct this wood into beautiful tops that you'll be sure to enjoy for years to come. It's just as durable as our other tops offered, and allows you to get the look of real wood for just a portion of the price.

Ergonomic Comfort from the Top Down

If you're asking yourself why you'd want to pick an Curved Corner desk over one of our 3-Leg L-Shape Desks, here's a few reasons why.

The first thing that differentiates this desk from our other L-Shape designs is the inner ergo curve; this thoughtful ergonomic detail allows you to sit closer to your most-used work area, known as your "neutral reach zone", which is ideal for your body.

That subtly-beveled edge? That's included to help your wrists stay comfortable without cutting off your circulation as your type and task away. This is ideal if you don't plan on using a keyboard tray in your setup, and instead plan on having your keyboard situated directly on your desk.

And lastly, another reason to choose this desk over our other 3-Leg Desks is the space component. Depending on the space you have in your area, you'll be able to quickly get an idea of which desk is right for you. Our Height Adjustable Standing Desk with L-Shaped Tops require at least 60" by 78" to setup, whereas this Curved Corner L-Shape Sit-Stand Desk fits in a space as compact as 47" by 72". It really all comes down to how much space you have to set up your workstation, so if you're keen on a corner desk configuration and space is an issue, we recommend this desk over others in most cases.

Can't Decide? We're Glad to Help

If you aren't sure, we'd be more than happy to help you pick the perfect desk that fits your space and your needs. If our 3-Leg desks aren't what you're looking for, try our other fully height adjustable standing desks on for size! We have a model for everyone. Call, email, or chat us live to get customized assistance from one of our Sales Pros. 

What are you waiting for? Better work is just around the corner.