The Hanging Storage Cubby: Taking Desk Storage to the Edge

Posted by Mandy Spivey on Apr 20th 2018

The Hanging Storage Cubby: Taking Desk Storage to the Edge

In a world of standing desks, what are you going to do for storage? Now with the Hanging Storage Cubby at your side, you can adjust for height at your desk, bringing all of your stuff with you.

Completely assembled and ready to use out of the box, this cubby features a desk-mounted design and holds your most frequently used items are your workstation, from notebooks to laptops. A 7.3" wide x 17.5" tall x 14" deep storage compartment gives you plenty of space for storing those spare items piling up in your area.

The compartment is padded, letting you add and remove devices like laptops without scratches or dings. The cubby's upper shelf is perfectly sized to hold your smaller personal items, like wallets and keys, so they always have a dedicated home that's within easy reach.

This durable cubby is constructed out of steel and powder coated to perfection, giving you a long-lasting storage solution that lets you organize and clear off your desktop with one easy desk addition. When you go to adjust your desk, your stuff moves with you, so you're never far from the things you need.

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