Desk Donation Program February Spotlight: Family Eldercare

Posted by Mandy Spivey on Mar 11th 2019

Desk Donation Program February Spotlight: Family Eldercare

Family Eldercare

Sure to never let any vulnerable group slip through the cracks in our society, our February Desk Donation charity is Family Eldercare, a non-profit that's dedicated to ensuring dignity and independence for vulnerable elderly adults and adults with disabilities in Austin.

Family Eldercare - Assisting Elderly Residents in Central Texas

Founded in 1982, the group acts as a compassionate caregiver for older adults with disabilities, enacting programs that prevent abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation through a collection of programs. These include in-home counseling, guardianship, in-home care, and money management programs, which help to ease the emotional burden on residents and their loved ones, and ensure that everyone has the resources they need to be happy and healthy. Their work helps thousands of residents thrive in their later years, with tailored services designed to help people keep their independence.

As our population continues to grow (and age), we're grateful that there are good people to assist every niche of society stay happy and healthy.

Saying Thanks with Standing Desks

As a way to show them thanks, our team donated 10 complete standing desks, including GREENGUARD Gold Certified Laminates, 1" Thick Carbonized Bamboo, and Eco Curve Desks to help them stay healthy as they help elderly residents in our area do the same.

Get to Know Past Charities and Learn About the Desk Donation Program

Know of a group that helps? Could they use a few height adjustable desks? Submit your favorite Austin-area non-profits to us for our next Desk Donation monthly spotlight, and read about all of our past charities on our Desk Donation Program page.