Desk Donation Program August Spotlight: Austin Parks Foundation

Posted by Mandy Spivey on Sep 12th 2018

Desk Donation Program August Spotlight: Austin Parks Foundation

Austin prides itself on its natural hiking trails, secret spots overlooking starlit downtown skyscrapers, and parks throughout town. We chose the Austin Parks Foundation (APF) for our August Desk Donation spotlight, giving back to the group that works tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that every resident has access to safe and engaging parks. It's hard to think of what the city would look like without such pristine and beautiful outdoor spaces, and we're thrilled to be able to help the nonprofit work a little better and healthier.

Keeping Austin's Parks Clean and Safe - A Team Effort

Think of the memories you create at the park; from birthday parties to impromptu disc golf games, there's so much fun to be had in our city's outdoor areas. But Austin's 300+ parks take a lot of maintenance and care, and it's the Austin Parks Foundation that makes our parks and outdoor spaces throughout the city so great. Established in 1992, the local nonprofit works with many communities throughout Austin to enhance people's lives by making Austin's public parks, trails, and green spaces better. APF accomplishes this through dedicated volunteerism, innovative programming, and financial support from patrons of parks from all over Texas.

To help the good people at APF, we provided them with a suite of ergonomic chairs, including 12 UPLIFT Pursuit Ergonomic Chairs and six UPLIFT Vert Ergonomic Chairs, to help them carry out their tasks with just the right amount of comfort and support. With regular triple digit temperatures it's easy to get overheated in Austin, but thanks to a mesh back on both chairs, the team at APF will have no trouble staying cool.

Giving back to local groups like the Austin Parks Foundation is just one of the ways UPLIFT Desk hopes to spread the ergonomic love. Not only do we hope that the people behind APF get to work in even more comfort than before, we also hope that our chairs help the group boost productivity so Austin's parks can keep getting better and better!

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