Charitable Giving July Spotlight: Project Transitions

Posted by Mandy Spivey on Jul 11th 2018

Charitable Giving July Spotlight: Project Transitions

As progressing humans, t's up to each of us to look out for one another. This is the basis of living empathetically, ensuring that vulnerable populations don't get forgotten or left behind.

This July our charitable giving Desk Donation spotlight was shone on Project Transitions. The group's goal to provide medically-supportive, affordable housing and recuperative care for people living with HIV and AIDS in the area is made possible thanks to their amazing team who work tirelessly to help Austinites in our community. UPLIFT Desk is here to make sure they are looking out for themselves as they look out for so many others, and we're lucky be able to help them stay healthy as they help so many in our area.

Project Transitions - Compassionate Care for People Living with AIDS and HIV

There are many unique struggles that people living with AIDS and HIV have to deal with, but it's Project Transition's mission to ease some of that burden. They do this through a two-part approach: Doug's House and Top Drawer Thrift.

Clients at Doug's House are given around-the-clock care from social workers, caregivers, and a Registered Nurse. They group operates two transitional apartment complexes for people living with HIV and AIDS, offering support and assistance for patients and their families.

PT also operates Top Drawer Thrift, two of Austin's most beloved thrift stores consisting of finely curated finds, treasures, and wares (think vintage clothing and one-of-a-kind housewares). Money raised at both stores go directly toward helping people get well and helps ensure people receive the resources they need at PT's compassionate care facilities.

Making Sure Austin Non-Profits Stay Healthy

The work that Project Transitions does for men and women in Central Texas eases the medical, financial, and emotional burdens for countless people in our community, and we're proud to say we're partners in helping their team stay healthy while they work.

Our team gifted the group ten complete height adjustable desks to help them work in healthy and comfortable postures as they do all of their important work behind the scenes. It's just one small way we give back to the individuals that make Austin a better place for every group.

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