Soft Roll Desk Casters by UPLIFT Desk

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Soft Roll Desk Casters by UPLIFT Desk

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  • Casters are compatible with all UPLIFT desks and frames, even side table frames
  • This larger diameter caster traverses uneven surfaces better (over bumps, cracks, and cables)
  • Soft rubberized tread is gentle on any flooring including hardwood
  • Locking casters keep your desk in place and provide stability. Unlock to move, then lock when ready to work
  • Adding Soft Roll Desk Casters raises your UPLIFT desks and tables by about 2.5" of extra height
  • Molded black polyamide with soft gray polyurethane tread coordinate with any desk
  • Appropriate for heavy-duty applications: Tested according to ANSI BIFMA X5.1:2011 and supports up to 140 lb per caster
  • This accessory is also compatible with non-UPLIFT desks
ACC065 - Soft Roll Desk Casters
Soft Roll Desk Casters by UPLIFT Desk easily lock for stability and unlock to move.

Soft Roll Desk Casters

Keep your desk mobile and your floors safe with our Soft Roll Desk Casters. Traverse any surface with ease—from a cable-covered carpet to a delicate hardwood—without feeling any big bumps to your desk or risking scratches to your floors. Move your desk or table whenever you need, then simply lock the casters when you're ready to work.

These desk casters are compatible with any UPLIFT desk frame or table frame (even side tables) and can even handle desks and tables that hold a lot of weight: up to 140 lb per caster. Make your UPLIFT workstation as mobile as you need.



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Dimensions 2.5" (65 mm) diameter wheels with 20 mm diameter neck
Threaded Caster Stem  M8-1.25 x 15 mm
Material Molded black polyamide core with soft polyurethane tread
Color Black core with gray tread
Shipping dimensions 6.75" L x 5" W x 2.5" H, 1.2 lb


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are these casters safe to use on real hardwood floors?

    Yes: The rubber tread on these casters are made for hardwood and other sensitive flooring that may be prone to getting scratched by hard plastic casters.

  2. I have carpet in my office—can these casters be used on carpet?

    Yes! These casters have a large diameter which makes it easy for them to keep your desk stable while moving over carpet, and even more uneven surfaces like floor cables.

  3. Do these casters lock?

    Absolutely! When you're done moving your table or desk, these casters can be locked into place to keep it stabilized until it's time to move again.

  4. Are these casters compatible with my UPLIFT desk?

    Our Soft Roll Desk Casters are compatible with ANY UPLIFT desk or table frame.

  5. Can I use these casters with a non-UPLIFT desk?

    Yes: The caster's metal threaded stem is also compatible with any non-UPLIFT desk as long as it has an M8-1.25 x 15 mm threaded hole.

  6. Will these casters change the height of my desk?

    These Soft Roll Desk Casters add 2.5" of extra height to any table or desk to which they're equipped.

  7. What is the weight capacity for each wheel?

    Each caster can hold up to 140 lb. They have been tested according to ANSI BIFMA X5.1:2011 and are appropriate for heavy duty applications. .

  8. Can I purchase a single caster?

    If you've lost a caster and need a single one, please reach out to us and we can assist you in getting a replacement.



Why Buy?

These Soft Roll Casters help your desk traverse over cables and bumps with ease. They are gentle on any flooring susceptible to scratching (such as hardwood).

Features & Specs

  • Easily traverse uneven or surfaces like over bumps and cables
  • Soft rubberized tread is easy on any flooring including hardwood
  • Compatible with any UPLIFT desk or table
uplift desk casters

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