Crafting supplies on an UPLIFT Sit Stand Table

Sit-Stand Crafting Table

Craft in Comfort

When you commit to a crafting project, it's easy to get immersed in your work. Before you know it, you've been crocheting, scrapbooking, and sewing your way to back and eye strain, fatigue, and repetitive motion injuries that make you want to put down the knitting needles for good. Crafting should be an enjoyable activity, so why do so many projects get cut short?

bamboo uplift desk crafting table
uplift desk crafting table

Ergonomic Support

Craft and create your biggest projects at one of our UPLIFT stand up adjustable-height desks for hours of ergonomic support that will keep you moving and your creativity soaring. Our functional and stylish desks are perfect for sewing, quilting, jewelry making - you name it. Whatever space you need, we have you covered with desktops ranging in size from 42" to 80" wide and 24" or 30" in depth.

Advantageous Accessories

Lengthy crafting sessions will be no problem once you're sitting, standing, or perching at one of our adjustable height desks. Stand in comfort for hours on our ergonomic rubberized standing mat, relieving stress on joints and pressure points. Add an Illuminate LED Task Light to assist you in even the most detail-oriented projects. With 35,000 hours of light to keep you working through even the biggest projects, its flexible arm can adjust to light up any craft you have in front of you. Adjust brightness and light color with the touch of a button, keeping your hands free for more important work.

uplift desk anti fatigue mat