Set of 8 Drink Koozies by UPLIFT Desk

(Save $10.00 )
Blue and dark gray koozies so you can keep your cool as you keep your drink cool and look cool while doing it
(Save $10.00 )

Ships 11/17/21



Drink colder. Work better. Live healthier.

When you and up to seven of your friends are hot and thirsty, think "UPLIFT Desk" as you grab your beverage of choice and slide it into one of these eight koozies. Or, purchase a standing desk and select a set of four for free from among a number of other free items.

Our team of world-class designers prefer their beverages to be at a cooler temperature and took inspiration from the ancient building techniques of our ancestors to design this beautiful beverage insulating sleeve.

Tired of dropping your beverage due to the condensation forming around your beverage? Well, let us answer that rhetorical question by explaining that our state of the art koozie helps maintain grippage on the precious liquid container. The foam gives ever so slightly, allowing for a tight, slip resistant, comfortable, pleasant, and ergonomic hold on your beverage.

Additional benefits:

  • Prevent moisture from accumulating and causing water stains
  • Instead of advertising the beverage that you're drinking, show off a hip brand that tells the people around you that you're healthy, comfortable, and productive at your desk
  • Set of eight koozies, it's several more than just a few. Your friends will appreciate your caring attitude when you show that you want their beverage to be more enjoyable
  • Reusable
  • Width: sized to accommodate the standard aluminum can or glass bottle used commonly in the United States
  • Height: approximately two standard hamburgers tall (or one hamburger if you're in Texas) depending on the number of toppings, choice of bun, and thickness of patty
  • Don't you hate it if you put a can or bottle in a cup holder and as movement occurs, it kind of rattles around causing annoyance and frustration? Well, adding a koozie can also prevent that by adding a layer of acoustic dampening cushioning that prevents the rattling noise from ever occurring in the first place. This results in increased focus and a more pleasant experience
  • Decrease your energy consumption by relying less on your air conditioner due to drinking a colder beverage, resulting in a lower core body temperature
Blue and dark gray UPLIFT Desk koozies

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Shipping Dimensions 5”L x 3.75” W x .25” H, 0.1 lb
Shipping Weight 0.2 lb
Product Weight (unboxed) 0.2 lb
Drink capacity 1 can or bottle per koozie at a time, but it is reusable so when you are done with one, you can slide another one in

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