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  • upl959-black-T > 2-Leg T-frame - Black
  • upl959-black-4 > 4-Leg Frame - Black (+$429.00)
  • upl959-metallic-4 > 4-Leg Frame - Metallic - Industrial Style (+$429.00)
  • upl959-gray-T > 2-Leg T-frame - Gray
  • upl959-gray-4 > 4-Leg Frame - Gray (+$429.00)
  • upl959-white-T > 2-Leg T-frame - White
  • upl959-white-4 > 4-Leg Frame - White (+$429.00)
  • Adjust the height of your standing desk within seconds with the Standard Keypad
    FRM002-BLK > Basic Keypad
  • Stores up to 4 programmable height presets for easy sit-to-stand transitions
    FRM001-BLK > Advanced Digital Memory Keypad - Black (+$29.00)
  • FRM001-WHT > Advanced Digital Memory Keypad - White (+$29.00)
  • FRM001-GRY > Advanced Digital Memory Keypad - Gray (+$34.00)
  • option swatch
    FRM066-BLK > Advanced Comfort Keypad - Black (+$39.00)
  • option swatch
    FRM066-WHT > Advanced Comfort Keypad - White (+$39.00)
  • option swatch
    FRM066-GRY > Advanced Comfort Keypad - Gray (+$39.00)
  • Get even more out of your standing desk with the UPLIFT Desk Connect Dongle
    FRM025 > UPLIFT Desk Connect Dongle *Ships October 15* (+$19.00)
  • PROMO-UPL145 > FREE Standing Desk Mat with Heel Grab
  • A beautiful, genuine bamboo deck solidly keeps you standing
    PROMO-MVT005-BMB > FREE Bamboo Motion-X Board
  • PROMO-MVT005-BMB-ACC038-9MM > Bamboo Motion-X Board with Comfort Mat (+$19.00)
  • Standing at work just got a little more interesting with the E7 Active Anti-Fatigue Mat
    PROMO-MAT010 > E7 Active Anti-Fatigue Mat (+$59.00)
  • Step up to the perfect combination of active standing and support with the E7 Small Active Anti-Fatigue Mat
    PROMO-MAT013 > E7 Small Active Anti-Fatigue Mat (+$49.00)
  • The 8 piece Bamboo Desk Organizer Set
    STR010 > FREE Bamboo Desk Organizer Set
  • The Desk Organizer Set takes your desk decor up to an 11
    STR009-AQU > FREE Desk Organizer Set, Aqua
  • The Desk Organizer Set takes your desk decor up to an 11
    STR009-BLSH > FREE Desk Organizer Set, Blush
  • The Desk Organizer Set takes your desk decor up to an 11
    STR009-BLU > FREE Desk Organizer Set, Blue
  • STR009-GRY > FREE Desk Organizer Set, Gray
  • The Desk Organizer Set takes your desk decor up to an 11
    STR009-WHT > FREE Desk Organizer Set, White
  • PROMO-CHR461-GRN > FREE Kids Active Stool, 15" Green
  • Add Casters for two-leg desks
    casters-upl959-BLK-2 > Casters - Black (+$29.00)
  • casters-upl959-WHT-2 > Casters - White (+$29.00)
  • heavy-casters-upl959-2 > Heavy Duty Casters (+$49.00)
  • Add Casters for two-leg desks
    casters-upl959-BLK-4 > Casters - Black (+$29.00)
  • casters-upl959-WHT-4 > Casters - White (+$29.00)
  • heavy-casters-upl959-4 > Heavy Duty Casters (+$49.00)
  • Kit comes with a basic surge protector, 10 adhesive cable mounts, 12 screw-in cable mounts, 12 reusable cable ties, cable organizer, accessory hook, and hardware
    KITWMK-1 > Basic Wire Management Kit (+$29.00)
  • Includes wire management tray, 6-outlet surge protector power strip, desk-to-wall cable organizer, under-desk hook, and 10 self-adhesive cable mounts with re-adjustable ties
    ACC001 > Adv. Wire Management Kit (+$39.00)
  • The Ultimate Wire Management Kit in all its glory
    KIT011 > Ultimate Wire Management Kit (+$69.00)
  • The UPLIFT Wire Management Tray installs quickly with an adhesive strip and 2 screws
    ACC002 > Wire Management Tray (+$19.00)
  • Work with better wire management at your desk with the Magnetic Cable Organizing Channel
    WMK007-BLK > Magnetic Cable Organizing Channel - Black (+$19.00)
  • Work with better wire management at your desk with the Magnetic Cable Organizing Channel
    WMK007-IND > Magnetic Cable Organizing Channel - Metallic-Industrial Style (+$19.00)
  • Work with better wire management at your desk with the Magnetic Cable Organizing Channel
    WMK007-GRY > Magnetic Cable Organizing Channel - Gray (+$19.00)
  • WMK007-WHT > Magnetic Cable Organizing Channel - White (+$19.00)
  • The UPLIFT Clamp-On Surge Protector with USB Charger clamps onto desktop surfaces 1.375" thick or less with 2 adjustable clamp knobs
    ACC003 > Clamp-on USB Surge Protector (+$29.00)
  • PDC003-BLK > Clamp-on Power - Black (+$39.00)
  • PDC003-WHT > Clamp-on Power - White (+$39.00)
  • LTG004-BLK > E3 ​LED ​Desk Lamp - Black (+$34.00)
  • LTG004-SLV > E3 ​LED ​Desk Lamp - Silver (+$34.00)
  • LTG004-WHT > E3 ​LED ​Desk Lamp - White (+$34.00)
  • ACC024-BLK > Illuminate LED Task Light - Black (+$59.00)
  • ACC024-SLV > Illuminate LED Task Light - Silver (+$59.00)
  • BUNDLE-LTG001-BLU > E7 LED Desk Lamp with Clamp - Blue (+$64.00)
  • BUNDLE-LTG001-BLK > E7 LED Desk Lamp with Clamp - Black (+$64.00)
  • BUNDLE-LTG001-WHT > E7 LED Desk Lamp with Clamp - White (+$64.00)
  • BUNDLE-LTG001-BLU-DESK > E7 LED Desk Lamp with Desk Stand - Blue (+$84.00)
  • BUNDLE-LTG001-BLK-DESK > E7 LED Desk Lamp with Desk Stand - Black (+$84.00)
  • BUNDLE-LTG001-WHT-DESK > E7 LED Desk Lamp with Desk Stand - White (+$84.00)
  • BUNDLE-LTG001-BLU-FLOOR > E7 LED Desk Lamp with Floor Base - Blue (+$89.00)
  • BUNDLE-LTG001-BLK-FLOOR > E7 LED Desk Lamp with Floor Base - Black (+$89.00)
  • BUNDLE-LTG001-WHT-FLOOR> E7 LED Desk Lamp with Floor Base - White (+$89.00)
  • Extended 12 year Warranty
    extWarranty > UPLIFT 12-year Extended Warranty (+$150.00)
  • Desktop Style
  • Desktop Size
  • Frame Color
  • Keypad
  • Bluetooth Dongle
  • Promotional Item 1
  • Promotional Item 2
  • Casters
  • Wire Management
  • Magnetic Cable Channel
  • Power Up
  • Lighting
  • Extended Warranty
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  • Solid 80" desktop comfortably accommodates six users for collaborative use in meeting spaces and conference rooms
  • Choose from a variety of different desktops designed to match or contrast with any office decor
  • Table uses the UPLIFT Height Adjustable Frame - see how we compare to competitors
  • Stability braces prevent shaking and eliminate the need for a lower crossbar, leaving the space under the table clean and open
  • Three-stage frame's height adjustability is 33% greater than competing two-stage frames
  • Three-stage frame also adjusts 33% faster than two-stage frames
  • Dual-motor design adds strength and reliability, and runs more quietly than other single-motor frames
  • Advanced Digital Memory Keypad lets you program up to four preset heights into the table and raise and lower quickly with one-touch adjustments
  • Desk can assemble in under 8 minutes, and you can enjoy a better standing conference table for years to come
  • Contract-grade construction exceeds ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2008 Desk Product Test Standards for safety, quality, stability, and reliability
  • Table ships free and ships quickly within one business day - Try it free for 30 days, and rest easy knowing your frame, mechanical, and electrical components are covered under a leading 7-year warranty
Height Adjustable Conference Table with T-frame legs
A four-leg Height Adjustable Conference Table

Height Adjustable Conference Table

We're all used to business meetings that feel like they go on for far too long. But being away from your desk doesn't mean you can't work comfortably. Get the juices flowing a little faster and take advantage of all the benefits of a sit stand workstation even while you're sitting in your conference room. Introducing UPLIFT Desk's line of fully height adjustable conference tables, designed to foster comfort in collaborative settings and boost your team's energy and creativity. Standing can even help you wrap up meetings sooner, saving you and your team time. Or for those long meetings, you'll be able to stay comfortable by sitting at an ideal height, with the option to stand when sitting becomes uncomfortable or you feel fatigued.

This conference table comes with your choice of many styles of desktop, including luxurious solid woods, and a 2-leg or 4-leg frame supported by UPLIFT's unique stability braces, allowing for maximum under-desk legroom and a sleek, modern design. Fit six users comfortably around the table with extra space to stretch their legs.

Match Your Desktop to Your Decor

Every office has a unique look, and we want to make sure that your UPLIFT Conference Table is a good fit for the rest of your space. That's why our table is available with several exciting finishes, and your choice of different desktops. Check out our GREENGUARD-certified laminates, our natural bamboo, or any of our 100% solid wood options.

Our desktops start at 0.75" thick and range to our solid wood options at 1.75". A thicker desktop means a stronger, more resilient desk. No matter what style you choose, you can be confident that your desktop was built with clean manufacturing practices and the utmost attention to quality.

Numerous desktop options available for your Height Adjustable Conference Table
A gray UPLIFT height adjustable T-frame

Our Frame Stands Apart

By including our top of the line UPLIFT Frame on every conference table, we ensure you're getting the best sit stand solution available. The UPLIFT model comes standard with an all-steel three-stage frame. While some competitors tout this as an upgrade, we want to ensure that every desk we sell performs to the highest possible standards. Three-stage frames adjust 33% faster (1.57"/second vs. 1.18"/second travel speed) and to a 33% greater range (24.4" to 50.0" tall without a desktop) than their two-stage counterparts. What's more, a dedicated motor inside each leg keeps the desk running at a quiet 50 dB during movement, and makes it possible for the two-leg frame to lift a hefty 355 lb. Need even more lifting capacity? The four-leg frame can heft up to 530 lb.

The real innovation comes from the frame's inverted leg design, which grows thicker at the top instead of the bottom. While this may look unusual, it allows us to include our integral stability braces which effectively reduce desktop shaking even at extended heights, and remove the need for the lower crossbar system that is required for stability on other desks. In a collaborative space like a conference room, it's important to maximize your space under the desk, and removing that crossbar opens up enough legroom for users to sit comfortably on both sides of the table, while still retaining upper crossbar support on your desktop.

Choose from four frame color finishes in a 2-leg or 4-leg style, each with a streamlined, modern look, and get started building!

Advanced Keypad: Set It and Forget It

The Advanced Digital Memory Keypad is the key to unlocking all of the functions behind the UPLIFT Conference Table. Because you don't want to be playing with desk heights during your meeting, use the keypad's four programmable height memory buttons to store sitting and standing heights in memory. One touch of a button on the keypad's LED display brings you back to the correct height, keeping things running smoothly and efficiently.

Keypad Lock is another useful feature for the boardroom. By selectively locking the height adjustments on your table, you can keep colleagues from bumping the buttons during your meeting, and make sure your desk stays stationary when it needs to. Programmable upper and lower limits help keep you from accidentally raising your desk into shelves or wall hangings above, or lowering it onto the knees of your fellow attendees below. Other customizations, like switching between one-touch and constant touch adjustments, or inch and centimeter measurements, add even more to the table's capabilities.

Advanced Digital Memory Keypads in three colors
The support system under the Height Adjustable Conference Table

Anti-Collision Safety Features

With all those people around the conference table, safety is paramount when you raise and lower the table. This height adjustable conference table frame uses sophisticated anti-collision sensors to halt the desk’s upward or downward movement within fractions of a second if it comes into contact with an object (or a person) while it's moving. And the frame doesn't just stop; it then slightly reverses direction to let you move whatever was blocking its path.

Free Organizer Set for Your Conference Table

We work to make every UPLIFT Desk the best value it can be. That's why our industry-leading desks come with some free and useful accessories!

This conference table includes your choice of a free colorful or bamboo desk organizer set to stylishly keep everything in its place. The sets include paper organizer trays, a box for clips and sticky notes, a pencil holder, and more. Let UPLIFT help tidy up around the boardroom!

A full UPLIFT Desk Organizer Set
The components of a gray UPLIFT T-frame

Quick & Easy Assembly

With all of our UPLIFT Desks, some assembly is required, but we've worked hard to limit the amount of work it will take you to put this conference table together. Watch our assembly video to see how fast and easy it is.

You’ll find the quality and value of this conference table to be the best in its class, and it will serve you well for years or decades to come.

Not a fan of DIY? Try our white-glove installation service. We'd be happy to assemble your conference table for you, right in the meeting room.

Industry-Leading 7-Year Warranty Plus Fast, Free Shipping

Choose Free Shipping at checkout and your order from UPLIFT Desk will ship via FedEx Ground at no cost to you, from our home in Austin, TX. Height Adjustable Conference Table orders ship the same or next business day. Need it even sooner? Choose Expedited Production while building your table, or Expedited Shipping during checkout. We have a number of options to help get you your table when you need it.

We stand behind our desks (as well as at them): your order includes a 30-day free trial period to ensure your UPLIFT Desk product is exactly what you needed. Our industry-leading 7-year warranty is included with your conference table, for your peace of mind. This warranty covers your UPLIFT Desk frame, including the electric components, control box, and mechanical parts (that's everything that comes in your frame box), and you can choose at checkout to upgrade your coverage to the 12 year Extended Warranty.

An UPLIFT Desk delivery vehicle


Height range 2-leg: 24.4" - 50.0" H (without desktop thickness)
4-leg: 23.5" - 49" H (without desktop thickness)
Travel speed 1.5" per second (varies - slowest with maximum load) with soft start/stop actuator motors
Sound level 45 decibels during motion
Weight capacity Two-leg frame: 355 lb
Four-leg frame: 530 lb
Desktop thickness Laminate desktop - 1" thick
White Eco desktop - 3/4" thick
Bamboo - 1" thick
Dark brown or natural rubberwood - 13/16" thick
Reclaimed Douglas Fir - 1.5" thick
Stock solid woods - 1.75" thick
Desktop width 80" W
Frame width Adjustable from 43" - 70" W
Keypad Advanced 1-touch digital memory keypad is available
Push and hold up/down keypad comes standard
Adjustable foot leveling studs 3/8" adjustment for uneven flooring
Voltage input 100-120Vac, 50/60Hz (600W max)
BIFMA/ANSI X5.5-2008 Certified Yes - completely meets all requirements of BIFMA/ANSI X5.5-2008 Test Sections 4.3, 4.5, 5.2-5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 & 15.0.
Environmental certifications ISO 14001, RoHS & CE compliant
Safety certifications Lifting Column - TUV (Canada and U.S.)
Control Box - TUV (Canada and U.S.)
Power Cord - UL/CSA (Canada and U.S.)
Warranty 7 years on frame, including motor, frame, controller, keypad, electronics and mechanisms. Optional extended warranty available in desk options
Shipping dimensions Conference table: 36" W x 6" H x 84" D (weight varies depending on desktop)
2-leg frame: 11" W x 10" H x 41" D, 61 lb
4-leg frame: Box 1 - 12" W x 10" H x 42" D, 66 lb


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What desktops are available on the Height Adjustable Conference Table?

    You have options! Choose between a variety of stock solid woods, 1" thick bamboo, dark brown or natural rubberwood, reclaimed fir, or for a more traditional office look, try a laminate or white Eco desktop.

  2. Why isn't my whiteboard table erasing completely?

    We have found that black dry erase markers tend to perform the best on these tables. If any residue or ghosting is left behind after erasing the desktop, use Expo White Board Cleaner. If that doesn't remove all of the residue, try 70% isopropyl alcohol. You can also write over the unerased portion with another dry erase marker, let it dry, and then erase it.

  3. So is this a standing desk or a conference table?

    We get this question quite often - the Height Adjustable Conference Table is both! We created this height adjustable meeting table to allow you and your colleagues even more movement in the office. This gives you health benefits that can lead to better productivity, while keeping less desirable effects from sedentary living at bay.

  4. What kind of chairs should I use with this table?

    If you sit at your conference table, you can use any chair you'd like! Have a look at our selection of ergonomic seating.

  5. How much does this table adjust?

    Our conference table adjusts 25.6" (650mm), from 24.4" to 50.0" (without desktop thickness), which we have found suits the vast majority of users. If you wish to add 1.5 inches of height to the table, simply add a set of UPLIFT Desk Casters!

  6. Do I get a choice of keypads on this table?

    Yes, our standard "Push and Hold" keypad will let you adjust the conference table's height easily, or upgrade to the Advanced Digital Memory Keypad, which allows you to set up to 4 of your preferred heights within its memory, saving you time at work.

  7. Does this conference table come with a three-stage frame?

    All UPLIFT Desk frames are three-stage, even the Height Adjustable Conference Table, which means this table adjusts 33% faster. You'll have a 33% higher adjustability range so your conference table suits a wider group of users, from petite users to tall people.

  8. If I live outside of the United States, will this conference table work with my outlet and voltage?

    All of our control boxes are designed to run on 120V, which is standard in the US. If you are ordering an UPLIFT Desk conference table from outside the United States, you will most likely need to plug it into a step down transformer before connecting to a power source. If you don't use a transformer, you run the risk of overloading your table's control box, which would not be covered by warranty. If you have any questions at all regarding how your country's voltage works with this table, please contact our support team by phone, email, or chat.



Why Buy?

Choose from a variety of top styles, including GREENGUARD-certified laminates, 1" thick carbonized bamboo, and solid wood

Features & Specs

  • Solid wood and bamboo desktops use a natural, environmentally-friendly sealant.
  • GREENGUARD-certified laminates meet strict chemical emissions limits for use in indoor spaces.

Resetting Your Desk

Most desk issues can be fixed quickly and easily with a desk reset. These steps are easy to follow and can be completed in just a few minutes. If resetting your desk doesn't fix the problem, or you'd like some help with the reset, please don't hesitate to give our service team a call at 1-800-349-3839.

Warranty Info

This product comes standard with a 7-year limited warranty. For more information on UPLIFT warranty coverage, click here.

Return Instructions

  • All single-item UPLIFT Desk brand orders, with the exception of our custom laminate and solid wood desktops, are eligible for our 30-day trial. If you're not satisfied for any reason, return the item with no outbound shipping or restocking fees.
  • Return window closes 30 days after receipt of item. You must request the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number within this time. You are responsible for return shipping costs.
  • All items must be disassembled and returned in their original factory packaging and in "Like New" condition. Items not returned in this condition may be subject to additional fees.
  • To view the full return policy, click here.