Adjustable Footrest E3 by UPLIFT Desk

(Save $20.00 )
The E3 Adjustable Footrest lets you decide what angle supports your feet the best
(Save $20.00 )

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  • Adjustable to 4 different angled positions (6, 12, 16, and 25 degrees)
  • Rubber grooved top surface grips shoes
  • Comes assembled and ready to use
an ergonomic adjustable footrest by UPLIFT Desk

The Adjustable Footrest

An oft-forgotten part of the body, the feet, need a little extra support and tilt from time to time. That's where the E3 Adjustable Footrest changes things. Think benefits like better circulation, fewer cramps in your legs and feet, and more ideal ergonomic seating positions thanks to one under-desk floor addition.

We took the concept of the modern footrest and simplified it to bring you a foot support that is there with you with minimal adjusting and hassle. Thanks to two "legs" that flip open to provide four different tilt angles, you can sit up, sit back, recline, and prop your feet up for even more comfort at work.


Footrest Dimensions 15.7" W x 13.7" D x 3.2" H
4 Angle Adjustments 6, 12, 16, and 25 degrees
Shipping dimensions 15" L x 5" W x 17" H, 5 lb

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I need a footrest?

    If you feel like your office chair is too tall for you or if you ever feel restless while seated, a little foot support can help. Our E3 Adjustable Footrest is adjustable to let you find that perfect angle that keeps your feet comfy.

  2. How is this footrest adjustable?

    The Adjustable Footrest adjusts to four different angled positions by flipping out the rest's two legs in different configurations. This gives you the freedom to change angles when you feel like a switch!

  3. Can I wear high heels with this footrest?

    Yes, the Adjustable Footrest comes with a treaded rubber top surface, which means you can use it barefoot or with shoes, even high heels!

  4. My feet fall asleep when I sit for a long time - what does this mean?

    That can mean many things, among them that you are too petite for your chair or your chair is too tall for your body type. Make up the difference with support at the feet with the E3 Adjustable Footrest.



Why Buy?

Add a grooved platform that supports your feet when you're seated, helping keep you comfortable.

Features & Specs

  • Perfect for shorter users wanting to keep their feet on the ground
  • Promotes circulation and reduces cramping
  • Set at 6, 12, 16, or 25 degrees for comfort
  • Grooved rubber surface grips shoes
  • No assembly required
uplift e3 adjustable footrest

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