Desktop Acoustic Privacy Panel Holder by UPLIFT Desk

Set up Desktop Acoustic Privacy Panel Holders in the middle of a workspace to create a divided space

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  • Add any panel size to this for a freestanding holder solution that sits on any flat surface
  • Helps you establish your private and sound-sheltered work sanctuary
  • Denotes boundaries or divide workstations without mounting panels
  • Holds acoustic privacy panels on almost any flat surface
  • Storage space on both sides holds small desktops items
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty

White Greenguard-Gold Laminate Desktop

Desktop Acoustic Privacy Panel Holders

In your quest for your ideal workspace, don't forget the tools that help you block noise and distractions, such as our acoustic privacy panels. For more freedom to build the space that pushes you into a whole new realm of productivity, the Desktop Acoustic Privacy Panel Holder delivers more versatility to desktops that need some added privacy.

Set up your holder at the back, middle, or sides of your current workspace and slide panels into the slot to create a quieter space built for you. You can even denote workstation boundaries and divide them for a private mini-space for your colleagues. Store spare things on your desktop in the space on either side of the holder for the privacy- and storage-increasing desk addition you didn't even know you needed.




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Holder dimensions 12" W x 6" D x 4" H
Materials Steel
Colors Black, white, gray, industrial style


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are desktop acoustic privacy panel holders for?

    When building your ideal workstation, one with the right amount of privacy for you and your work style, you might have already come across our acoustic privacy panels. If you want the option to install panels on almost any flat surface for an instant way to increase privacy, our desktop acoustic privacy panel holder gives you the ability to do just that. Slide your panels into the slot on the holder and place the holder where you wish to create a wall to stop work distractions before they get to you.

  2. What colors do these come in?

    At this time, desktop acoustic privacy panel holders are available in your pick of black, white, gray, or industrial style color options. Match or mix and match to create the workspace that helps you work.

  3. What are those compartments on the sides of the holder?

    That's a little extra desk storage, just for you! Got an unexpected office guest stopping by? Toss your notes, stapler, and any medium and small desktop items in it for a quick way to organize your space.



The Desktop Acoustic Privacy Panel Holder comes in a monochromatic color scheme of black, white, gray, and industrial style. These panel holders are great for a flexible workspace as they turn your Acoustic Privacy Panels into easily repositionable partitions.

uplift desktop acoustic panel holder


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