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  • Design your own unique coffee table by choosing from over 100 different UPLIFT tops, including many beautiful, thick solid wood species, bamboo, rubberwood, Greenguard-Gold Certified laminates, and reclaimed wood
  • Choose between 42", 48", 60", 72", and 80" lengths of table tops. All attach to the 16" tall attractive, sturdy, steel coffee table legs
  • All tops are between 1" and 1.75" thick, providing a substantial coffee table look for your home or business
  • Keep your drinks in place and avoid spills on your beautiful coffee table by utilizing the included storage cup grommets. If you prefer to not have the grommets, you can order an 80" x 30" sized top (it is the only size available without grommets)
  • Easy to install: Each leg includes mounting holes and hardware. Place legs in the desired location and attach them to the top using the included wood screws. NOTE: Pre-drilling the table top is required to attach the legs since they attach with wood screws. The tops are not pre-drilled by us, but we walk you through this step in our provided instructions.
  • Greenguard-Gold Laminate desktops carry a D-s1,d0 rating per EN 13501-1 classification standard
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
Photo of white coffee table in front of Soco Collection (against white background)
Walnut 30" top for danish modern look with legs mounted closer together

Walnut 30" top for danish modern look with legs mounted closer together

A Coffee Table Designed By You

We've made it easy for you to create your own stylish custom coffee table for your business (or home) by offering over a hundred different tops to attach to our attractive, sturdy, steel legs.

The sleek black powder-coat legs are a perfect base for various design styles. The legs can be mounted flush with the ends of your table top for an ultra-modern look or mount them closer together if your taste is a bit more mid-century modern. While we are providing an attractive minimalist base, the real star of our Coffee Table is all of our beautiful table tops!

We offer 30" deep tops in 42", 48", 60", 72", and 80" lengths. Choose from solid wood species, bamboo, rubberwood, Greenguard-Gold Certified laminates, and reclaimed wood. Choose whichever size and material type table best fits your space.

We have a limited selection of 24" deep tops available call us at 800-349-3839 or live chat with a sales pro for availability!

So Many Tops. So Many Styles.

With over a hundred different UPLIFT desktops to choose from, you can create the coffee table that suits any style of decor

If you're in the market for a coffee table to match your industrial-style office space, that happens to be eco-friendly, our reclaimed wood, bamboo, or rubberwood tops are exactly what you've been looking for. UPLIFT Desk's reclaimed wood tops are sourced from vintage barns, old houses, and whiskey distilleries and our solid wood desktops boast unique wood grain details. No two tops will be the same, giving you a truly unique and one-of-a-kind coffee table.

Is your style more mid-century modern? Choose to mount the steel legs closer together on our bamboo top to achieve this ever-so-popular, timeless look. You decide where to mount the legs.

If durability is key, bamboo is tough-as-nails and a perfect option for spaces where your coffee table will get a lot of use. Our most affordable options are the several colors of Greenguard-Gold Certified laminate tops. And while it is budget-friendly, it can also provide a modern-meets-minimalist style when placed flush with the sides of the u-shaped legs.

Get creative and choose our Whiteboard top! The dry erase whiteboard surface is perfect for quick notes and brainstorming during casual impromptu meetings. Great for break rooms, reception areas, and perfect for children. Let a child's imagination soar by providing a large surface for them to draw on. It's also Greenguard-Gold Certified, meaning they have passed tests to be deemed safe for use in environments like schools and healthcare facilities—with no concerns of chemical emissions.

Quick-ship Premium Walnut Solid Wood desktops

Quick-ship Premium Walnut Solid Wood desktops

Coffee table with bamboo top

Coffee table with bamboo top

Storage Cup Grommets

If you're familiar with UPLIFT Desks then you are aware of the versatile grommet holes that come with our desktops. Your Coffee Table top is the same as our desktops and thus will also come with these grommet holes, but we include our Storage Cup Grommets, which double as cup holders for your Coffee Table. If you prefer a Coffee Table without the grommets, we offer our 80" top without grommet holes, or you can purchase the Coffee Table Legs separately and attach your own table top.

Simply place the Storage Cup Grommets into the holes on the table top and lock them into place by hand-tightening the locking ring on the underside of the top. You'll keep your drinks in place and avoid spills, protecting your UPLIFT Coffee Table. You can also use the Storage Cup Grommets for holding pens, pencils, markers, keys, and so much more.




Warranty + Returns





Frame material 6mm Q235 Steel
Finish Powder-coated paint
Leg Dimensions 22" W x 2.6" D x 16.3" H
Greenguard-Gold Laminate Fire Rating Greenguard-Gold Laminate desktops carry a D-s1,d0 rating per EN 13501-1 classification standard
Weight capacity 355 lb
Shipping dimensions Varies by size of desktop


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How tall is this coffee table?

    The height of your coffee table will depend on the desktop you choose. All of our desktops are between 1" thick and 1.75" thick. The height of the legs is 16.3", making the height range of the UPLIFT Coffee Table 17.3" to just over 18".

  2. Can I choose a non-UPLIFT Desk table top?

    You can, but you will need to purchase the Coffee Table Legs only.

  3. Is this Coffee Table intended for office use only?

    Absolutely not. With all of our size and table top options, our Coffee Table can suit nearly any style of home decor.

  4. What colors do the legs come in?

    Our Coffee Table Legs are currently only available in black. It's the perfect neutral color that won't distract from the beautiful table tops.

  5. What if I don't want my coffee table with Storage Cup Grommets (cup holders)?

    If you prefer a top without the cup holder grommets, we have 80" desktops available without grommet holes, or you can purchase just the Coffee Table Legs and add your own top. NOTE: If you do purchase an 80" top, you'll want to mount the legs at least 7" from the edges of the top so its length is better supported and doesn't sag (1.75" thick solid wood and reclaimed wood tops won't sag at all and can thus be mounted all the way on the outside edges if you'd like).

Coffee Table by UPLIFT Desk


Why Buy?

Choose from a variety of top styles, including Greenguard-Gold Certified laminates, 1" thick carbonized bamboo, and solid wood

Features & Specs

  • Solid wood and bamboo desktops use a natural, environmentally-friendly sealant
  • Greenguard-Gold Certified laminates meet strict chemical emissions limits for use in indoor spaces
  • Ergo-Edge Curve—an ergonomically tuned desktop that really puts you in the middle of the action

Please note: 80x30 pheasantwood desktops with grommets have barkline front and square back. Pheasantwood desktops with no grommets have barkline front and back.

uplift 4-Leg Standing Height Side Table


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