3-Sided Clear Acrylic Desk Screen by UPLIFT Desk

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Personal workspace separation without visual obstruction
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3-Sided Clear Acrylic Screen Features

  • The 3-Sided Clear Acrylic Screen provides a physical barrier between individual users and their environment
  • Helps support social distancing while reducing the spread of germs
  • Tooless Installation: Mounting brackets are installed without drilling or screws, allowing the screen to be moved or relocated with ease and convenience by anyone
  • Panels sit discreetly at the back and sides of a desk, creating an attractive, translucent partition without interfering with the workspace
  • Clear acrylic materials allows for unobstructed visibility and face-to-face interaction
  • An integrated cord and cable opening provides access to power
  • Silicone rubber padding prevents the mounting hardware from damaging your desk or tabletop surface
  • Hardware mounting colors to match your UPLIFT Desk or table
  • Easy to clean using soap and water with a microfiber-type cloth


  • Compatible with desktop sizes: 60" W x 30" D or 72" W x 30" D
  • Mounting hardware attaches to any desktop or table ranging from 0.75" - 1.75" in thickness
Angled view of a 60" x 30" White Laminate Standing Desk with 3-Sided Clear Acrylic Screen

60" x 30" White Laminate Standing Desk

Front view of a socially distanced standing desk screen

60" x 30" White Laminate Standing Desk

Achieve Space Separation

Using clear acrylic desk screens in your workplace is a great way to define personal space, achieve space separation, and aid in reducing the spread of airborne germs via coughs and sneezes. Provides a protective barrier between individual desks. Constructed from a clear, acrylic material, the UPLIFT Desk clear acrylic screens allow for increased access to natural light and visibility between users.

Toolless & Quick Installation

Intuitive mounting clamps ensure ease of attachment to any desk or table top ranging from 0.75"-1.75" in overall thickness. Screens can be moved or reconfigured quickly without tools to support your changing needs.

Silicone rubber padding prevents the mounting hardware from damaging your desk or tabletop surface.

With an emphasis on refined proportions, the clear acrylic screens can be discreetly attached to your desk or table top without looking like an afterthought.

Close-up of a hand tightening the mounting clamp of a 3-Sided Clear Acrylic Screen panel
Close-up of the seamless panel design and protective barrier of the 3-Sided Clear Acrylic Screen

Seamless Design

The 3-Sided Clear Acrylic Screen is the perfect blend of form and function, delivering personal privacy and safety within any environment.

The modular panels and mounting components work seamlessly to create an elegant, protective privacy barrier around your desk or table top.

An integrated cable access opening allows cords and cables to pass through.


Width Side panels: 30"
Rear panels: 60", 72"
Height 26" overall (22.5" above desktop surface)
Thickness 0.24" (6 mm)
Material Clear acrylic
Weight 40 lb
Shipping dimensions 60" panel: 65" W x 28" D x 2" H, 36 lb
72" panel: 77" W x 28" D x 2" H, 41 lb

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How tall are the panels from the desk?

    22.5" from top of desktop to top of panels

  2. Are these glass? Do they shatter?

    These panels are made of a premium grade extruded acrylic and have a great range of flex. Extreme flexing or stressing the panels may cause it to crack or chip, but they will not shatter. Using this product as intended will not cause damage.

  3. Can I use household cleaners on my acrylic panels?

    This product is made of clear acrylic which can be scratched by abrasive materials or solutions. To effectively and safely clean acrylic, we recommend using soap and water with a microfiber-type cloth. Avoid alcohol or ammonia-based products which can damage and cloud the acrylic surface. Some antibacterial products may be safe to use, but read your cleaner's label before using it to ensure it is safe to use on acrylic.

  4. Can I install only a rear or side panel?

    No. The 3-Sided Clear Acrylic Screen was designed to be used as a 3-sided assembly. Connecting the rear and side panels with the included corner extrusions is required.

  5. Will the rear panel block cables from passing through?

    No. The rear screens include a cut out for wires, cables, and monitor arm attachment. They are also flexible so cables can pass through along the back edge of your desktop.

  6. Can I attach the screen panels to a 4-leg desk?

    No, 4-leg desks & table frames by UPLIFT Desk prevent the ability to attach the clamping hardware.

  7. Will the acrylic yellow over time like some other plastics?

    No, acrylic is very stable while other plastics can yellow from exposure to sunlight or other lighting. With minimal care and maintenance, these panels will last a very long time.

3-Sided Clear Acrylic Screen by UPLIFT Desk


Why Buy?

Helps maintain social distancing and prevent the spread of germs by creating a physical barrier between individual desks.

Features & Specs

  • Available in two sizes, compatible with 60" W x 30" D or 72" W x 30" D desktops
  • Made with premium grade extruded acrylic
  • Toolless clamp-on attachment, no drilling or screws required
uplift 3-sided clear acrylic screen

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