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Unroll the Writing Desk Pad to use wherever you work, or leave it in place on your desk

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  • Add a smooth, uniform 36" x 20" writing area to your workspace, ideal for wood desktops and uneven surfaces
  • Preserves and protects your desktop surface from scratches and spills, and cleans up quickly
  • Each side has its own grip properties to resist slipping—flip from one to the other for either a sleeker or more textured feel
  • Protects softer woods and other malleable desktop materials against indentations from writing too hard
  • Serves as an integrated mouse pad, with plenty of room left over for your keyboard
  • Gives you an orderly, dedicated area for your mouse, notepad, and keyboard
  • Take it with you—the pad rolls up with a coordinated strap and fastener that can also be used for cable management
  • On 24" desktops, Writing Desk Pad will cover grommet holes
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty

Rustic Reclaimed Fir Desktop

A Smooth Work Surface that Cleans Up Easily

You may have already invested in a desk that helps you stay active and moving throughout the day, increasing your effectiveness. If your desktop is made from a coarse-grained wood, or some other uneven material, though, you may need something to even it out.

The Writing Desk Pad is a 36" W x 20" D mat that helps smooth out your work surface—providing the consistency you need to keep going without completely covering up the details and beauty of your desktop. And because the pad doesn't need to attach to the desk, it works with rounded, beveled, and barkline edges.

And we all know food and drink are a regular part of the workday. Why not come prepared? This mat keeps your desktop pristine, preventing an "oops" from staining, marring, or otherwise detracting from the enjoyment of your workspace. When you do spill or drip something, just wipe it up and continue working.

A Multipurpose Mat

While many of you will use the Writing Desk Pad for computer work, it's also a luxurious surface to write on with pen and paper—and it protects softer desktops from indentations caused by hard writing pressure. Overall, it's an excellent solution for keeping your desk from getting scratched by laptops, office supplies, and other work equipment.

You can also use either side of the writing pad. One side is smooth and modern looking, and the other is slightly textured. Both are non-slip surfaces, helping the mat remain in place while you work.

Rustic Reclaimed Fir Desktop

The large footprint of the Writing Desk Pad provides the stage your workspace deserves. Create an area that's neat and organized, whether you're using a monitor and keyboard or a laptop—there's plenty of room for all of your peripherals.

In addition, the mat doubles as a mouse pad, so you can comfortably move your mouse on the same surface where your keyboard and notepad sit.

A Mobile Workspace

Because the writing pad transforms rough surfaces into even, stable work areas, it's ideal to use anywhere you need to get something done—just roll it up, secure it with the matching strap, and slide it into your laptop bag. The stitched edge helps ensure it stays in good shape on the go.

In addition, the coordinating strap that comes with the Writing Desk Pad can be used for cable management. Just wrap up any loosely hanging cables under your desk and fasten them together, giving you a more organized look and preventing wire snagging.




Warranty + Returns





Dimensions 36" x 20" x 0.1"
Material Faux leather (Polyurethane)
Shipping dimensions 20.3" x 2.8" x 2.8", 1.5 lb


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will this mat fit my desk?

    The Writing Desk Pad is 36" W x 20" H and rolls out flat. It will fit any surface that provides an area large enough for those dimensions. Please note that on the UPLIFT V2 24" Deep Standing Desk, this mat will overlap the grommet holes a bit.

  2. What colors does the Writing Desk Pad come in?

    You can choose from black, dark gray, or navy blue. Pick the one that matches with your desktop aesthetic, or just choose what you like best. It's up to you!

  3. What kind of surface should I use this on?

    The Writing Desk Pad can be used on any fixed surface (that's large enough) where you would normally consider writing or typing. It brings uniformity to slightly uneven surfaces, including rough wood grains and textured concrete.

  4. Is this mat non-slip?

    Both sides of the Writing Desk Pad have a slip-resistant surface. We recommend testing both sides on your desk to see which one works best with your desktop material.

  5. Does this protect my desk from hot food and drinks?

    Yes, the Writing Desk Pad is a perfect way to protect your desk from stains, scratching, or other damage—whether from hot food or drink, office equipment, or writing utensils.

  6. Are there cleaning agents I should not use with my writing pad?

    We recommend using soap and warm water to clean your Writing Pad and the desktop underneath your pad. Do NOT use Isopropyl Alcohol or other harsh chemicals as this may cause the pad color to come off and stain your desktop. Also, make sure your pad and desktop are completely dry before laying the pad back on the desk.



Why Buy?

This desk pad provides a smooth, uniform 36" x 20" writing area to your workspace, ideal for wood desktops and uneven surfaces.

Features & Specs

  • Preserves and protects desktop surface from scratches and spills
  • Dual-sided, each with unique anti-slip properties
  • Integrated mouse pad, with plenty of room for keyboards
  • Color choices include black, dark gray, navy blue
  • On 24" desktops, Writing Desk Pad will cover grommet holes
Writing Desk Pad by UPLIFT Desk

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