The Vert Ergonomic Office Chair: Seating that Mimics Your Spine

Posted by Mandy Spivey on Apr 12th 2018

The Vert Ergonomic Office Chair: Seating that Mimics Your Spine

Vert Ergonomic Office Chair

Can an office chair really get to know you? Once you take a seat in the new Vert Ergonomic Office Chair, the definitive answer will be resounding "yes!".

Take a gander at the Vert; the first thing you might notice is the unique vertebrae-esque design on the back of the chair, which acts as a second spine to yours. If you spend more than an hour sitting for work everyday, the chair that you choose has a great impact on your health and productivity, this is why it's so important to invest in a chair that gives you a full range of ergonomic features.

Starting with the Vert's flexible back, which mimics the spine, so you'll have complete back support from top to bottom. The Vert's rib design works together with an elastomer spine system to increase flexibility along the chair's back, while a mesh back blends ideal support and airflow, so you're never stuck in a hot seat.

And an ergonomic chair wouldn't be complete without a little lumbar support. The Vert comes with a height adjustable lumbar support, so you can slide it higher or lower until it's supporting you in the perfect places. Soft-touch armrests are also height adjustable, letting you pose the Vert's arms right where your elbows like them.

This ergo-friendly chair is also made from sustainable and recyclable materials, so you can rest assured you're making a purchase that's as good for your body as it is for Mother Earth's. And because we know you like options, you can choose your chair in black or white to match your work space. Seating just got so much better with the Vert Ergonomic Office Chair.

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