Magnetic Assistance: Our Magnetic Cable Clips Tell Wires Where to Go

Magnetic Cable Clips

Wires come in all sizes. If you've started the quest to organize and wrangle your cords at your sit-stand desk, you probably already know that UPLIFT Desk has the wire management options to help you. But when it comes down to the finer details, like single wires and cables you still need help tucking away, Magnetic Cable Clips pick up the slack, letting you secure your cables directly to your desk frame where they're safe and out of the way.

"How?" you might ask. The power of magnets makes these little desk organizing assistants some of the most reusable and easy to use wire management options on the market. Simply set your clip on a metal part of your desk frame, such as a leg or crossbar, grab your cord or small group of wires, and tuck it into the open slot on the clip.

Now every little cord is safe and protected when you adjust for height, which means you won't be at risk for accidents when you sit and stand. Height adjustable desks with poor wire management are more likely to suffer from cable pulling, which can damage devices and pull them off your desk. But with a little organizing help, you can work at a desk that has all of the peripherals with tools that secure and camouflage them under your desk, giving your desk that "wire-free" look.

Each pack comes with a set of three, providing you with organizing solutions to put the finishing touches on your height adjustable standing desk. We advise using these in conjunction with out other wire management tools, so you can enjoy complete wire organization at your desk without clutter or risk of pulling your cords.