Freedom to Fidget: Kids Active Stools Make Learning and Play Even Better

Movement is good. Movement is healthy. Bringing movement into your workday not only helps you reap benefits to productivity, it helps your body, too.

When you're still growing, movement isn't something to be hindered. The evidence is clear: staying active throughout the day is good for students, stimulates more blood vessels in the brain to support greater amounts of brain cells (which helps with learning and memory), increases focus and attention spans (which also helps kids learn), and has even been found to boost standardized tests scores. When you're ready to give kids freedom to respond to their body and move with it, our Kids Active Stools allow you to do that just by supplementing your child's seating, at school and at home.

Prefect for little ones from pre-k up to 5th grade, our kids active stools are fun accessories to include in almost any space where kids play and learn -- homework areas, playrooms, classrooms, and more. Giving little ones more freedom to move and switch postures not only feels better than sitting, simple fidgeting is transformed into something productive. And active stools are the newest ergonomic accessory that helps kids burn off a little extra energy while improving circulation.

Two Heights Fit Pre-K Thru 5th Grade

With two models heights to choose from, our Kids Active Stools fit most kids' heights. Starting with our 15" stools, which are designed for children from heights ranging from 40" to 49", kids will have much more energy for learning just by switching up their seat. This height range generally fits roughly Pre-Kindergarten to 2nd grade, or about about ages 5 to 7.

If your child or student is a little taller, our 17" stool would probably be better for them, as it's made for kids between the heights of 49" to 59" and ages 7 to 10. Of course, these are recommendations. Each child is different and will need their body's dimensions to be considered for the perfect fit.

Colors to Suit Your Space

Both 15" and 17" models are available in blue and green color options, both of which come with stabilizing gray rubber seats and a domed base so little ones can tilt and move on the stool without it slipping out from under them. We advise children stick with a moderate tilt angle, at most, however, as its weighted base can slip from certain types of flooring, like concrete, waxed floors, hardwood.

We'll be adding even more products to our UPLIFT Kids line, so if you're looking to transform your child's room or your classroom into one that fosters learning and lets them work in more comfortable postures, check back soon. For ergonomic advice and the most up-to-date science behind working better and living healthier, read more on the UPLIFT Desk blog!