Height Adjustable Standing Desk with L-Shaped Tops: In Stock and Ready for You!

Height Adjustable Standing Desk with L-Shaped Top

The future of corner workstations is here, literally. Our new Height Adjustable Standing Desks with L-Shaped Tops are in stock and ready to ship to you in just a few days, letting you get to work at your ergonomic corner workstation quicker than you thought was possible.

Who Needs an L-Shaped Desk Anyway?

Not every space or body is the same, and as such, peoples' desk needs vary greatly. If you're wondering whether your work and health could be improved with a sit-stand L-shaped desk, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you have to leave your desk and get out of your chair to grab frequently used items that are just out of your reach, such as printers, phones, and electronic document signing terminals?
  • Does mousing feel more natural to you when you're able to mouse with your arm to the side, instead of traditionally mousing in front of yourself? Is your shoulder sore from regular mousing?
  • Do you want to maximize space and set up shop in a corner?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, one of our L-shaped desks could be the answer for you, allowing for more productive and healthy work. If you're wondering how a larger desk can help you work better, we get it. This desk is designed with a basic but crucial ergonomic concept in mind, the "neutral reach zone." With the right amount of space for work and for storage, you'll be able to work comfortably within your neutral reach zone, which is ergonomically ideal and reduces the instances of stress injuries, like over-extension and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Keep everything within easy each with an L-shaped corner workstation and feel the difference the right amount of space can do for your body and work style.

Environmentally Conscious Desktops

If you've been shopping our site for any length of time, you know us and our views on eco-friendliness. That's why all of our in-stock desktop options are good for Mother Earth, requiring fewer resources to create and using no harmful materials in its sealing process. You'll have your choice of GREENGUARD Gold Certified Laminate, Moso Bamboo, or Rubberwood tops, all of which are eye-catching in their own unique ways. 

Our L-shaped desks come in two separate pieces, a main side and a return side. Thanks to pre-threaded inserts underneath the tops, you're able to assemble the desk easier. Another added benefit of these inserts is that you won't have to decide on a return side when ordering; you can also switch the layout of your desk later on down the road. How about that! An L-shaped desk makes a fitting and flexible corner workstation, and fits seamlessly into a corner of your office, optimizing space where you need it.

The UPLIFT Desk Frame Difference

We married our L-shaped desktops to our powerful three-stage frame, giving users a wide height adjustment range to suit more users (24.4" to 50" H without a desktop), making it ideal for one person or a whole team of people. Three legs, with a motor in each, allow you to you raise and lower your workstation with confidence quietly, quickly, reliably, and without wobble. A hulkish 530 lb weight capacity is strong enough to hold even our heaviest desktops, all of your computers, multiple monitors, and even a pet or two! Work at a workstation with knowing that your computer equipment will be safe and sound up top, with enough space for under-desk accessories to be installed down below, and plenty of legroom left over.

When you're relying on an electric height adjustable desk to work in better postures, consider the details. More cheaply made desks only work with a single motor, which reduces the weight capacity you get, sometimes by hundreds of pounds. Make sure you're investing in a desk that is strong enough to lift your desktop and all of your belongings with a desk from UPLIFT Desk.

Have Your Corner Workstation in Days

And if you're like us, you want your desk, like, now please. Get it within a few days with these in-stock desktops, which we keep on hand in our warehouse in Austin. When it comes to your health, comfort, and productivity, no time is to be wasted! When you're ready to start working better and living healthier, we're ready to help with our in-stock Height Adjustable Standing Desk with L-Shaped Top.