Heavy Duty Locking Casters Let Your Workstation Move More Places

Warehouses, assembly lines, and industrial areas deserve ergonomics, too. Our Heavy Duty Casters make it happen, 4 or 5 wheels at a time.

When your work takes place outside of the office, what are you to do when you want to move your sit-stand desk? Traditional casters work in most situations, but if you're dealing with uneven flooring and debris on the ground, you need more substantial wheels. That's where our new industrial casters come into play. Thanks to these durable, brawny 4 inch casters, you can move and roll to new locations you couldn't before, extending ergonomics even further.

Assembly lines are made much safer, healthier, and efficient when you have the ability to switch up postures throughout the day. If you ever need to move to a new location, your desk is easily mobile to other areas. Just unlock the four wheels with your foot, move your workstation, and lock it securely in place where you want it. You'll get a sturdy wheel that's made to handle 265 pounds of weight (per caster!), which allows you to stably move your heavy work table in completely new directions.

Some less-than-even work areas we were able to roll over with these casters include:

  • A collection of cords in our photo studio
  • Cracked and uneven flooring in the warehouse
  • Trash from chip bags and snacks in our breakroom
  • Leftover desk instructions and packaging in the assembly area
  • Thick computer cables in our warranties department

As you can see, there aren't many work spaces that can hold back a desk on a set of these industrial casters. When you're ready to take your workstation to new places, upgrade your casters.