Enjoy Happy Perching on the Starling Stool

Posted by Mandy Spivey on Nov 30th 2018

Enjoy Happy Perching on the Starling Stool

Vibrant, nimble, and energetic, the starling is a bird known for its instinct to perch in the perfect place, usually after a long flight back to the nest or a trip during the Winter. Young starlings are on their own within a few days of emerging from their eggs, becoming independent enough to fly with their own teenage flocks to roam the countryside in search of new branched homes.

Our designers kept these concepts in mind when coming up with the Starling Stool, the newest addition to our family of seating options meant to keep you moving, comfy, energized, and colorful. Made to offer more movement, extra tilt, and 360 degree rotation, you'll be perching on comfortable and engaging seating in no time.

Starling Stool Features

360 Degree Movement

The ultimate in ergonomic freedom, the Starling Stool offers a full 360 degrees of movement. This is ideal for collaboration when you want to direct your attention in a new direction. Instead of twisting and turning awkwardly, you're able to seamlessly swivel from side to side, easily making eye contact with monitors, colleagues, or even visiting coworkers.

Stable Base is Perfect for Perching

When you're engaging with your seat this much, you'll want a reliable base to keep you, and the stool, upright at all times. The Starling Stool boasts a minimalist base that doesn't take up much space, while still offering the utmost in sitting stability. This unique stool pivots from a point on the base, giving you up to 10 degrees of tilt, which is ideal for perching at an angle.

Express Yourself with Colorful Seating

If you're like us, you want your office decor to speak true to you, which is why we're always adding to the available color options you'll get. And with the Starling Stool, we do not disappoint, offering five exciting shades: Myrtle Green, Blue, Orange, Gray, and Brown. Add a splash of color or keep your look muted - it's all up to you!

Delightfully Portable

Just like most office chairs come with casters for portability, cutting-edge active stools are designed to move with you throughout the office, too. At less than 12 lbs, you'll be able to pick up the Starling by the easy-to-grab handle on the back of the seat and move it wherever you need supplementary seating!

Easy Assembly That's Done in Minutes

When it comes to comfort, no time is to be wasted! This Starling Stool is quick and easy to assemble; all you have to do is install the cylinder to the seat, and then attach that to the stool's base.

If you're searching for a stool, but you're not sure what you need, we can help! UPLIFT Desk has a growing collection of chairs and active seating, all with unique features that help you stay comfortable and productive. Shop active stools and office chairs, or call, email, or chat us live on our site for personal shopping assistance and ergonomic advice tailored to your needs.