Match More! Half Circle and Small Half Circle Desk Drawers Now Come in Gray and White!

Improve the storage at your sit-stand workstation in the perfect color that coordinates with your desk frame and accessories. That's right! You can now get your Half Circle Desk Drawer or Small Half Circle Desk Drawer in new gray and white color choices!

Made out of the same durable materials, you'll get a sleek storage solution that lets you sort, organize, and store your most used items, clearing off your main work area. This allows you to be more productive and focus on the task at hand and not the clutter piling up in your area.

Store pens, clips, and even your car keys where they're close by. The drawer swivels open to offer 360 degrees of rotation, allowing you to access it from both sides. It mounts via a central point, so you can swivel it closed and hidden, saving you space.

Match your accessories and work with sleek and swivelable storage with the Half Circle or Small Half Circle Desk Drawers.