Ease Lower Back Pain with the Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Posted by Mandy Spivey on Dec 27th 2018

Ease Lower Back Pain with the Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

At UPLIFT Desk, we're always looking for better ways to work. But what really inspires us are products that take tradition and turn it on its head. When we can add more support and comfort to the list of features, then we know we're onto something.

As research compiles and ergonomists refine the best ways to work and stay productive, our designers are ready to act, making new products that revolutionize the way you think about things like sitting at work. If you've never used a kneeling chair before, you might think it looks like something out of a massage therapist's studio. Although similar in appearance, this stool was designed to be used in the office to help you take pressure off places that usually get the most while sitting. Our new Ergonomic Kneeling Chair is one of the newest chairs we've added to our product line, with the purpose of relieving some of gravity's force on your tailbone and coccyx.

A Quick History of Kneeling Chairs

Designed by Hans Christian Mengshoel in 1979, the first kneeling chair was named the Balans chair.[1] Early designs were created to help users reduce lower back strain by dividing the weight of the body between the knees and the buttocks, which is important for people with coccyx or tailbone pain and/or injuries. If you've ever felt pain in your buttocks, coccyx, or tailbone while seated in traditional office chairs, drastically adjusting the way you sit could help alleviate that pain, even if you only sit this way a portion of your day.

Kneeling chairs work by opening the body's angle by lowering the angle of the lower body, while keeping the spine and thighs in alignment, assisting your body into the proper posture. With your body angle at a 90° or wider, you're able to sit with your hips at a more open angle than you can in a traditional office chair, which approaches a balance resting position, which ergonomically ideal. [2]

If you're questioning about whether sitting in this way adds extra pressure on your knees, do not fear! This is a common misconception regarding kneeling chairs, but it's not true. Kneeling chairs that are properly designed take a majority of the weight off your knees, and is instead placed on the user's behind, with some weight bearing on the shins. The main function of these shin rests, or knee cushions, is to keep you from leaning too far forward as you rock and tilt. As soon as you take a seat, you'll feel your body slip right into place, showing you just all of the forward-thinking postures you've been missing.

Designed for Ergonomics & Built for Comfort

At a plush 2 1/4" thick, the padded seat and knee cushions on this kneeling chair bring your body to a level of support your body probably isn't used to. This means you won't have to worry about adding excess pressure on your knees as you sit. The base and rocker bottom is constructed from beautiful and sturdy Birch wood, so you can lean forward, rock, and tilt without issue. Able to safely secure up to 200 lbs, this revolutionary kneeling chair is ready to seat a wide range of users. Get ready to take a whole lot of weight off parts that can sometimes get sore just from sitting (like your tailbone).

You'll get your choice of gray or blue color options on the knee and seat cushions, allowing you to sit in style in the color that suits your office.

How to Know If a Kneeling Stool Will Work for You

If you usually feel pain or strain on your behind when sitting in traditional office chairs, the Ergonomic Kneeling Chair is for you! Or if you just want a creative side seat to help you sit in more comfort, the Ergonomic Kneeling Chair is also for you! Even if this chair isn't what you're looking for, we have a growing selection of office chairs and active stools to help you work at your best.

If you need help deciding, don't hesitate to reach out to us via call, email, or chat us live on our site! The chair of your dreams could be just a few clicks away! Let us help you find the right one that helps you stay happy and productive.


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