The E7 Small Active Anti-Fatigue Mat: Active Standing for Compact Spaces

Let's face it - sometimes we don't have total control over the space we have to work in. If your work takes place in an open office, a shared room, or cubicle, you know what we mean. So, you do your best, choosing your desk and office accessories carefully, only incorporating the most efficient tools that fit your space and needs. If this describes you and you're shopping for an active mat, the E7 Small Active Anti-Fatigue Mat is a great addition to spatially-challenged workstations that want an active standing experience on their desk mat.

The E7 Small Active Anti-Fatigue Mat's Features

Size: Compact

Starting with its size, the Small E7 is 25.1" wide x 21.4" deep x 3.1" thick at thickest point, making it fit in more spaces than ever before. It's made from the same high-density core as our other standing mats, so you know you're getting complete anti-fatigue support that helps you stand comfortably for longer periods of time.

Terrain: Multidimensional

In addition to its compact size, the Small E7 boasts a multidimensional terrain that lets you stretch and rest targeted muscles in your legs and feet, bringing you to a whole new level of ergonomic active standing. Take a break on the E7's rest bar, which lets you stretch your legs as you stand at your height adjustable desk. Or if you're feeling the need for some sole attention, massage the soles of your feet on the outer edges of your mat on the Small E7's massage mounds This is perfect for those long days spent working on a task or if you feel any fatigue when using a standard anti-fatigue mat.

Storing: Easy, Thanks to Heel Grab

At UPLIFT Desk, we are all about ergonomics and efficiency. That's why our designers added a new feature - an easy-to-use heel grab - so you don't have to stop work or bend awkwardly to move the mat out of the way. We think you'll agree, it's an extra feature that will make switching between sitting to standing even easier, which will encourage you to switch postures more throughout the day.

If your workstation lacks a lot of usable floor space but you want an active mat to challenge, engage, and relax your body even more while standing, you can purchase the E7 Small Active Anti-Fatigue Mat solo, or buy it with a desk for a discounted price! Keep up with the newest ergonomic products we have to help you work better and live healthier by checking back on the UPLIFT Desk blog!