And Then There Was Light! The Ultra Adaptable E7 LED Task Lamp with Clamp is Here!

E7 LED Task Lamp with Clamp

Give yourself some credit. You've been working under those terrible fluorescent lights at work, and it's doing a number on your eyes. Even though you might think you're working with ample light, if you feel eye strain during the day or get headaches at work, you could be working in sub-par lighting at your desk.

Adding to our already great lineup of desk accessories, our new E7 LED Task Lamp with Clamp takes your desk lighting to a whole new level. Get ready to enjoy glare-free, diffused lighting in a lamp that delivers directional light via its multiple axes of rotation. The lamp head also swivels, and thanks to the lamp's bendable, pose-able joints, you get even more freedom to move your light source.

As the name states, the E7 comes with a clamp mount, so you can mount it securely on the back or side of your standing desk to deliver more rays to all of your tasks. But the real adaptability begins with the E7's add-on desk and floor bases. That's right. This modernized architect light is modular in design, so you can switch out the clamp and install a completely different base, letting you customize your E7 to your exact style tastes.

But let's get to the heart of the features: the task light's LEDs. Energy-efficient and long-lasting, the E7 LED Task Lamp with Clamp boasts a 50,000 hour lifespan. That means you'll never have to replace a bulb on the light, and thanks to the lamp's stepless dimming feature, you can adjust to your exact preferred level of lighting intensity in mere seconds. This is ideal when you're in the middle of a project, so you can adjust and get your hands back to work.

We designed the E7 LED Task Lamp with Clamp in multiple color options for the lamp and the base. Whoa, hold on, I know what you're thinking. "But how will I choose?" If you don't know your favorite lamp color offhand, take a quick glance around your office and note the dominant colors in the room. Now compare with the E7's black, white, and blue color options for the lamp, and then black, white, and silver options for the desk and floor base. If you plan on purchasing a desk or floor base, it's up to you whether you match yours to your lamp, or get crazy with it and mix and match. Like pairing a blue light with a silver floor base. Whatever combo you choose, adding the E7 LED Task Lamp with Clamp to your workstation if a surefire way to light up your life in all the important, work-related ways.