The Colorful Desk Organizer Set Brings Joy to Drab Workspaces Everywhere

Desk Organizer Set Business Card Holders

You're at your desk a third of the day; it should be personal and stimulating in the ways that keep you happy and productive. Although science has yet to study the subject, it makes sense that decorating your space leads to positive feelings. There even appears to be a direct correlation between customizing your office and increased productivity; we just seem to focus better when we're in a setting we perceive as familiar. Some people have personal photos or tokens that adorn their desk, but what about all of the paper and notebooks loitering on your desktop? When you're in the market for a desk set that beautifully ties your desk together in all the right ways, look no further than the new Desk Organizer Set!

Finally, with this set you have a place for all of your spare office items. From your moleskin to your matchbooks, your stuff will have vibrant homes that boost your desk decor to the next level. Our designers studied the work habits of office workers and were able to deduce which sized receptacles people need most at their sit-stand workstations. Their findings helped them design this colorful coordinating desk set, which includes a large paper tray, a medium accessory box, a small accessory box, a pen holder, a business card holder, and six pens with blue ink. What makes this set so exciting is that it allows you to organize and sort your office items, de-cluttering your work area and injecting delightful splashes of color to your workstation simultaneously. 

With several rotating color options from which to choose, you'll have your desk decorated in the color makes your heart skip a beat. Or, if you want to get wild with it, order multiple sets in different colors and mix and match the containers! You'll look so put together with all of your things organized in a rainbow of storage, your coworkers will think you're the clean one in the office (for once). 

If the Desk Organizer Set isn't exactly what you're looking for, we have a surprisingly large selection of office storage solutions to help you organize and tidy up your space.