How Much Do We Love the Bamboo Motion-X Board? 5 Reasons the Balance Board Rules

Bamboo Motion-X Board

We took our love for bamboo and our appreciation for movement to the next level with our Bamboo Motion-X Board. A long-awaited office accessory, we spent over a year perfecting its design, ensuring users get a work-elevating board that's as beautiful as it is comfortable. Made from eco-friendly bamboo that has been sustainably sourced from forests in Thailand and China, the fast-growing grass is a staple material we use in our Bamboo Desk, Bamboo Keyboard Tray, and Bamboo Desk Organizer Set, meaning you can match most of your accessories, all the way down to the balance board.

Once we finally got our hands on one, we just couldn't wait to give it a try (and now every other person in the office seems to have one at their workstation). In the brief time that our product development and marketing teams have had to play with the Bamboo Motion-X Board, we've discovered some pretty awesome ways that this balance board stands above many other boards in its class, so we decided to compile the top five benefits for users. 

So, what makes this board so great? From how we source its materials to the unique standing experience it offers...

Five Reasons the Bamboo Motion-X Board Rules:

  • Its rubberized dome bottom is more comfortable than balance boards with metal/aluminum bases - When deciding which balance board to use, it's important to take into account your comfort levels as much as it is to consider the movement you'll be getting. The Bamboo Motion-X Board works by way of a rubber dome, which is less jarring for your knees, ankles, and joints than balance boards with metals bases. A lot of the members of our team were previously huge fans of similar (more expensive) boards with metal bottoms, but have switched boards to our Motion-X because the experience is more comfortable (I'm speaking from personal experience).
  • Installing the Comfort Mat lets you stand in even more comfort...for longer - If you've been a regular reader of our site, you might know of our fondness for all things anti-fatigue. Well, now you can add another layer of support to your Bamboo Motion-X Board, all you have to do is install the 9mm Comfort Mat to the top and get to standing! It attaches with an adhesive strip, which keeps it in place for years of comfortable standing at your sit-stand desk.
  • Bumpers on both ends make it safer for users (and their workstations) - If you noticed the rubber bumpers on both ends of this motion-boosting accessory, you have seen some additional components our designers added to the board for safety. These bumpers allow you to rock, tilt, and sway with assurance that, in the case that you do bump into a colleague or file cabinet, people and things remain safe.
  • The balance board engages your body more than simply standing in place - If one of your goals is to live and work healthier, a balance board is a helpful tool to get you there. Working at a sit-stand desk is the first step, standing more throughout the day is the second. When you're ready to start moving more on your feet, a motion board or balance board is one of the easiest, most cost-effective, and fun ways to do it.
  • The environmentally friendly board is made sustainably - Something special about the Bamboo Motion-X Board is that it is handcrafted from bamboo, which is harvested from eco-conscious sources in East Asia. Bamboo gives you the look of real wood for a fraction of the price, and you don't even have to cut down a new tree to get it. That means you can work in healthier postures while being good to Mother Earth. Feel good about that.

You can purchase the Bamboo Motion-X Board alone, or if you're looking to build the entire ergonomic setup, it's free. As you piece together your UPLIFT Desk on our builder, simply select the board on the promotional slide to add this freebie to your cart! This deal applies to all of our desks, letting you custom-build the workstation of your dreams, complete with a few free accessories! It's just another way we hope to spread the joy of working better and living healthier.