SoCo Wedge Table by UPLIFT Desk

SoCo Wedge Table by UPLIFT Desk

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  • See the entire 8 piece Soco Collection here
  • 45-degree legless, wedge-shaped table that attaches to either two seats or two square tables (or one of each)
  • Create bends in your lounge seating layout, while providing a surface for drinks, devices, and other items
  • Uses steel brackets to attach between seat or square table modules. Cannot be used as a freestanding table since it doesn't have legs
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty

SoCo Lounge Seating Gallery

Create multiple configurations using SoCo Seats with Back, Seats without Back, Square Tables, Circle Tables, Armrest Bolster Cushions, and Privacy Screens with Linear or Corner Connectors.

Configuration 1

8 SoCo Seats with Backs
14 SoCo Privacy Screens
8 Linear Connectors
4 Corner Connectors
2 SoCo Armrest Bolster Cushions
2 SoCo Seats without Backs
4 SoCo Square Tables

Configuration 2

6 SoCo Seats with Backs
10 SoCo Privacy Screens
4 Linear Connectors
4 Corner Connectors
1 SoCo Square Table

Configuration 3

13 SoCo Seats with Backs
5 SoCo Square Tables

Configuration 4

6 SoCo Seats with Backs
2 SoCo Wedge Tables

Configuration 5

3 SoCo Seats with Backs
9 SoCo Privacy Screens
6 Corner Connectors

Configuration 6

10 SoCo Seats with Backs
2 SoCo Seats without Back
8 SoCo Privacy Screens
4 Corner Connectors
4 SoCo Wedge Tables

Configuration 7

4 SoCo Seats with Backs
9 SoCo Privacy Screens
2 Corner Connectors
6 Linear Connectors
3 SoCo Square Tables

Configuration 8

4 SoCo Seats with Backs
8 SoCo Privacy Screens
4 Linear Connectors
3 Corner Connectors
3 SoCo Seats without Backs
2 SoCo Square Tables

Configuration 9

4 SoCo Seats without Backs
2 SoCo Circle Tables
1 SoCo Square Table

Configuration 10

6 SoCo Seats without Backs
5 SoCo Wedge Tables

SoCo Wedge Table and SoCo Seats with Backs

SoCo Wedge Table and SoCo Seats with Backs

SoCo Wedge Table

Create connectivity and encourage flexibility in your office layouts with help from the SoCo Wedge table. Your modular lounge area is best when it’s custom to your space, and that means letting it take whatever shape you need.

This sleek legless wedge table attaches between two SoCo seats, tables, or one of each with easy to use steel brackets. It does not have legs, therefore it must be attached between SoCo modules with legs.

This little piece goes a long way in creating endless possibilities for your seating layout.

Create Your Custom Space With The SoCo Lounge Seating Collection

The SoCo Collection is ideal for creating a sleek, modern, and functional communal space for offices, lounge areas, reception areas, waiting rooms, and break rooms. There are endless possibilities for custom seating areas made with individual and combined SoCo pieces, which can be configured (and re-configured) any way you'd like! Easy-to-use connectors allow you to unlock the module pieces for easy rearrangement.

The SoCo Lounge Seating Collection consists of the following modules:

Create flexible collaborative workspace areas to encourage social connection and create a more relaxed setting for impromptu meetings. Privacy Screens can also be added to reduce distractions and add further definition to the space. The SoCo Lounge Seating Collection can transform open office spaces with modern flair, but even a more traditional office environment could benefit from adding a SoCo configuration or two.

SoCo's endless layout possibilities make it easy for you to create your own ideal spaces. This flexible system can grow and change alongside your workspace, and is durable enough to stand up to busy office environments.

If you need help designing your SoCo space, we recommend you take a look at our configuration gallery on this page to get an idea of what you'd like and either Live Chat with a SalesPro or call us at 800-349-3839 ā€’ we're here to help!

SoCo Lounge Seating Collection by UPLIFT Desk

SoCo Lounge Seating Collection by UPLIFT Desk




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Dimensions 4" on the short edge, 24.75" on the long edge - 25.5" front to back and 0.75" thick
Weight 6.63 lb
Wedge angle 45 degrees
Material Laminated MDF (medium-density fiberboard)
Weight Capacity 150 lb
Certifications Laminate tops are Greenguard-Gold Certified
Shipping dimensions 25.2" W x 26.4" D x 2.4" H, 13.5 lb


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can this table stand on its own?

    No, it is legless and only meant to attach to two other SoCo seat or table modules that have legs.

  2. Is this table only meant to connect seats?

    No, this wedge can go between two seat or table modules or a combination of both to create many different arrangements!

  3. How easy is it to connect the table with other modules?

    Very easy! All you need to do is use the included, sturdy steel brackets to attach the Wedge Table to the underside of the SoCo seat and table modules. These can be quickly removed and reattached at any time for a change of arrangement.

  4. What spaces can the SoCo Wedge Table and other SoCo Lounge pieces be used in?

    Anywhere you'd like to create an open communal seating and lounging area! This includes open or traditional office spaces, waiting rooms, reception areas, breakrooms, and lounges of all kinds.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Not sure what you need to get started? Whether you're starting from scratch or already have an office layout in mind, we can help you design what you need to create your perfect space.

LiveChat with an expert, call us, or submit the form below—we're here to help! Take a look at some of the configurations shown on this listing—this will give you a good idea of what we can create for you. With your needs in mind, we can take it from there: Let us propose a custom design for your space, once you're satisfied with the design we'll provide you with a quote.

Explore all options, as no two offices are alike, and multiple configurations can be incorporated to customize your ideal office!

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