LED Floor Lamp E7 by UPLIFT Desk

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The E7 Floor Lamp brings all of the innovations of task lighting to a stand-alone frame.
(Save $26.00 )

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  • Our architect task lamp design provides soft, diffused light with no glare, flickering, or ghosting
  • Lamp head can be positioned where you need it - multiple axes of rotation allow for maximum adjustability
  • Fine-tune the brightness to your ideal comfort level with stepless dimming
  • Lamp's base rests on the floor to keep your desk clear, and provides focused directional lighting anywhere you need it
  • Versatile lamp design can also be adapted into a desk lamp - includes clamp for desks up to 2.25" thick
  • Sleek, minimalist frame is available in multiple colors - coordinate your office with matching desk and floor lamps, or mix and match to fit your style
  • LED bulbs offer evenly dispersed lighting, a 50,000-hour lifespan, and 80% more energy efficiency than incandescent bulbs
E7 Lamp in Two Colors

E7 LED Floor Lamp

The E7 LED Floor Lamp brings soft diffused lighting to any corner of your home or office. Conceived as a task lamp, constructed from high-grade aluminum alloy, and completed with several modern ergonomic design flourishes, the E7 gives new meaning to the phrase "adjustable lighting." To direct your light, simply reach out and extend or retract the lamp head. Its two joints make adjustments seamless and easy, and the rotating lamp head means you can angle the lighting toward or away to focus your light and minimize glare. As ambient light in the room changes over the course of the day, the E7's stepless dimming allows you to bring your lamplight up or down with a single button press. Enjoy the perfect level of lighting that adapts to your needs with the E7.

Ergonomic Lighting

When you have bright fluorescent bulbs overhead or do most of your work on a computer screen, you may not think much about desk lighting. But working with a proper task light is just as important to your body as sitting in a strong, supportive chair. The E7 Floor Lamp provides focused lighting right where you need it. Its 190-degree rotating lamp head and multiple joints provide several axes of rotation. Stretch, turn, and angle the E7 to spread optimal, even light over your workspace, which helps you minimize eye strain as you shift between digital and paper reading throughout the day. While most standing lamps don't provide much in the way of adjustability, the E7 has you covered.

E7 Lamp with Adjustable Neck Joint
The E7's Rotating Lamp Head

Stepless Dimming

Take full control of the E7's light intensity with its stepless dimming feature. Instead of locking in a handful of preset brightness levels, the E7 lets you fine-tune its brightness exactly where your task requires, making for much more comfortable and productive work. Simply push and hold the power button to gradually dim the light, and let go when you reach that ideal level. Push and hold again to bring the brightness back up. The high-efficiency LED bulbs can project an incredible range of light intensity, and will last you for years of well-lighted work - up to 50,000 hours - without burning out.

All About That Base

The E7's floor base provides the foundation for pleasing, ergonomic lighting without taking up space on your table. Just set it beside your desk, recliner, or kitchen countertop and adjust to your lighting level. With a total height over 5', it's tall enough to illuminate a workstation, cubicle, or C-suite, making it suitable for a surprisingly large variety of spaces. Or, if you prefer a desk lamp, the E7 can oblige. With the included optional clamp mount, you can transform your floor lamp into a desk lamp, and easily attach it to any desktop surface up to 2.25" thick. This adaptable task light is fully customizable to meet your needs in the moment.

The E7 Lamp's Sturdy Floor Base
Black E7 Lamp

Show Your Colors

Match your decor and be as playful as you'd like with the E7 Floor Lamp's mix-and-match color palette. With lamps available in black - and floor bases in black and silver - you can either stick to a uniform look across your office, or create a color set that's uniquely yours. When you're shopping for customizable desk accessories that help you work better, look no further than the growing line of colorful office accessories from UPLIFT Desk.


Light Intelligent LED
Voltage AC100-240V/DC12V=1A
Power 9W
Lumens 685 lm
Range of adjustability 150° from the base
Lamp head rotation angle 190°
Angle adjustment Lamp head: 190°
First joint: 110°
Second joint: 210°
Lamp height 34" H
Lamp head length 13.6" L
Floor base height 33.8" H
Floor base weight 8 lbs.
Floor base diameter 9.1"
Material Aluminum (lamp), Iron (base)
Certifications UL (Canada and U.S.)
Shipping dimensions Desk Lamp - 8" W x 21" H x 3" D, 3.05 lbs
Floor Base - 13.25" W x 2.25" H x 19" D, 8.15 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the benefit of a task light?

    Task lights are like advanced lamps, designed to protect your eyes and direct your light in ways that reduce strain and improve the quality of your workspace. You'll find features like adjustable necks, rotating heads, and dimmable bulbs in well-designed task lights.

  2. Is the E7 a task light?

    It is! The E7 floor lamp has all of the design elements we put into our desktop office lighting, just with a base that allows it to rest on the floor. If you're looking for something flexible and customizable, there's nothing better.

  3. How many levels of brightness are there?

    The E7's stepless dimming means there are no specific levels of brightness. Just hold the power button down to lower the light and let go when you're happy. Hold it again to bring it back up. You can set the brightness at precisely the level that feels comfortable for you.

  4. Can I put this on a desk?

    If you prefer, then yes. The E7 has an optional clamp mount that will allow it to attach to desktops under 2.25” thick. We want you to be able to place your lighting as conveniently as possible.

  5. Will I have to change the lightbulb?

    Nope, you do not have to change the bulb in the E7 Floor Lamp. The LED light bulbs we use are much longer lasting than standard, incandescent bulbs - rated for up to 50,000 hours of use. This means that even if you use the light for 12 hours a day every day, it will take over a decade of use for the light to burn out.

  6. What colors are available?

    The lamp's color palette is divided into two parts. The base comes in black or silver. The lamp itself comes in black. You do not need to get the same color base as lamp, so feel free to choose the combination of colors that best suits your space!



Why Buy?

This highly adjustable lamp provides precision lighting anywhere you need it, helping you work more productively and effectively.

Features & Specs

  • Multiple rotation points, including lamp head
  • Stepless dimming for exact brightness needed
  • Keeps desk clear
  • Soft, diffused light with no glare
  • Bulb has 50,000-hour lifespan
uplift e7 led floor lamp

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