Life on the Edge: The UPLIFT Desk With a Curve

Posted by Tyler Reinhardt on Jan 4th 2018

Life on the Edge: The UPLIFT Desk With a Curve

So you’ve finally decided to upgrade to an adjustable-height desk. You’re building out your desk on or the UPLIFT Desk website and when you get to the option that lets you select your top, you notice that some of the tops have an “ergo edge.” What exactly makes an edge an ergo edge? It’s all about the shape.

With a normal rectangular desktop, the edge is a hard straight line. This isn’t always the most comfortable thing for your wrists, as the edge will tend to press into them causing discomfort as you type away at your 9-5. There are two remedies for this situation. One remedy is to purchase a keyboard tray like the UPLIFT Large model. This allows you to elevate or lower your keyboard above or below the desk and also angle your keyboard down which takes stress off of your wrists, arms, and shoulders.

The second remedy for a hard desk edge is to reshape the edge completely, which is what we’ve done with our ergo edge tops. The ergo edge is a curved cut out in the edge of the desk that goes in about 3” at the deepest point. It’s the same measurement between both our Eco tops and our 1” bamboo tops. With the curved cut out in the middle of the desk edge, the edge gently goes around your wrists rather than forming a hard line against them. It’s a great option if you like to let your keyboard sit on the desk top. That being said, if you have the ergo edge, it forms a similar function to a keyboard tray in terms of reducing strain on your wrist. You don’t really need to have both unless you just like the look and want the extra adjustability provided by the keyboard tray.

Once you’ve decided to go with either an ergo edge or keyboard tray (or both), everything else should be pretty straightforward but as with all thing ergo-related, feel free to give us a call if you have any further questions at 1-800-531-3746.