Stock Solid Woods Sample Kit by UPLIFT Desk

The sample kit includes eight different desktop materials: natural rubberwood, ash, acacia, African mahogany, dark brown rubberwood, walnut, pheasantwood, and reclaimed fir.
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  • Can't make it into the store, but want to see and feel our solid wood desktops before you choose? We'll ship you a full set of real samples, including one of each of our wood species that we keep in stock. Samples of custom-order woods are available with a 6 - 12 week lead time
  • Experience the natural richness of eight different solid wood grains, textures, and tones; these 4" x 8" samples are cut to the actual thicknesses of our solid wood desktops
  • Rest easy knowing that your solid wood desktop is built from a naturally sustainable material—and that we plant five new trees for every solid wood desk we sell
  • No need to hang on to wood samples forever. The Stock Solid Woods Sample Kit by UPLIFT Desk is a rental item that showcases the real world materials your desktop could be built from
  • We send you a sample kit in great condition and in a timely manner, so that you have the best possible representation of our desktops (outside of coming to the showroom)

Sample Our Desktops by Mail

Trying to choose your favorite solid wood top for your new desk? We'd love for you to visit our showroom. But if you're too far away or don't have time to stop by, we've got you covered. We created a sample kit of our stocked solid wood desktops—using the same wood we make the desks out of. We'll ship it to you on the same or next business day, so you don't have to wait to see which solid wood works best for you. And because these desktops are kept in stock in our warehouse, it's possible to select your surface, order your desk, and receive delivery all within a week.

Acacia, African mahogany, natural ash, pheasantwood, premium walnut, rubberwood (natural and dark brown), and reclaimed fir are all yours to test out. Run your hand over the woodgrain in each species and see how thick the edge of your desk will be. Match the pattern and color to your floors or your furniture. Place the 4" x 8" samples throughout the room, to find one that works with your décor.

This kit is for our stock solid wood samples, which lets you get a taste of the wood species used in our UPLIFT V2 Solid Wood Standing Desks. If you'd like to see the solid woods that we use in our UPLIFT V2 Special Order Solid Wood Standing Desks, you can find those in our Solid Wood Samples listing.

Care for the Earth

We're committed to responsibly managing the resources we use and caring for the Earth's environment. When you purchase a solid wood desktop, you get to join with us in meeting that responsibility. We've partnered with the National Forest Foundation to replant five new trees in a U.S. national forest for every solid wood desk we sell. Rest easy knowing that when you choose to purchase your UPLIFT Desk with a solid wood top, you get to take part in keeping this material sustainable over the long run, enabling more people to enjoy its beauty—both in the forest and in the office.

Desktop Samples for Rent

We recognize that you probably only need these solid wood samples in order to decide on your desktop. Once you've made your selection, you're ready for the actual desk. Good news: the sample kit is just for rent. We actually need it back, so that we can send it to another customer—which is why we ship every sample kit with a prepaid return label. Just re-box the samples, put the label on, and send them back to us at no additional cost.

We keep careful track of our solid wood samples and ask you to return them in a timely fashion. Because of the expense involved in creating this kit, we do reserve the right to charge you for its full cost, $300, should it be returned incomplete, late, or damaged—or never returned at all.

If you are interested in samples to keep, please contact us for pricing and availability. Or if you prefer a custom-made solid wood desktop for your workspace, we'll be happy to create a custom sample kit just for you.


Dimensions Each sample is 4" x 8", cut to the actual thickness of the desktop (1" for rubberwood, 1.5" for reclaimed fir, 1.75" for other solid woods)
Number of samples included 8 (pheasantwood, premium walnut, natural ash, acacia, African mahogany, reclaimed fir, natural rubberwood, dark brown rubberwood)
Warranty Should the samples not be returned, or returned too damaged to use again, we will charge their full replacement cost, up to $300.
Shipping dimensions 9.75" 9.5" 10.5", 10.5 lb
Solid wood weights (lb per square foot) Pheasantwood - 6.49 lb/sf
Premium Walnut - 5.31 lb/sf
Natural Ash - 7.08 lb/sf
Acacia - 3.54 lb/sf
African Mahogany - 2.95 lb/sf
Reclaimed Fir - 4.13 lb/sf
Rubberwood - 2.95 lb/sf

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are these the actual solid woods your desktops are made of?

    Yes, unlike other companies, we send you the actual wood species your desktop will be made of, with the same finishing method. Please note that finishes and grain patterns are not uniform and may vary from desk to desk.

  2. Which solid wood species are included? How thick are the samples?

    The Stock Solid Woods Sample Kit includes one sample of each of our quick-ship desktops that you'll find in our UPLIFT V2 Solid Wood Standing Desks, including: acacia, African mahogany, natural ash, pheasantwood, premium walnut, natural rubberwood, dark brown rubberwood, and reclaimed fir. The sample blocks are cut to the same thickness as our in-stock solid wood desktops: the rubberwoods are 1" thick, the reclaimed fir is 1.5" thick, and the rest are 1.75" thick.

  3. How long can I keep the desktop wood samples?

    Please return the sample kit back to us within three days of receiving it—and be sure to use the original packaging and prepaid return shipping label.

  4. Am I purchasing this sample kit?

    No, this is only a three-day rental of the kit. If you'd like to purchase a sample kit, please contact our sales team.

  5. If I lose or damage the kit, how much is it to replace it?

    Because the samples are substantial in size and cut from the actual wood that our desktops are made of, the kit costs $300 to replace.

  6. Does this kit include special-order solid woods?

    No, this kit is made up of our stocked solid woods only. We keep these desktops on hand so that we can ship them to you quickly. If you'd like to see the solid woods that we use in our UPLIFT V2 Special Order Solid Wood Standing Desks, you can find those in our Solid Wood Samples listing.

Return Information

Should the samples not be returned, or be returned too damaged to use again, we will charge their full replacement cost, up to $300, but may vary.

  • THIS IS NOT A PURCHASE OF THE SAMPLES: Please read these return instructions carefully.
    • We ship you the sample set for free. The cost displayed is for return shipping to us.
    • Please use the original packaging and the enclosed return prepaid shipping label when returning the samples to us.
    • We ask that you ship the samples back to us within 3 days of receipt.
    • If you purchase a solid wood desk or desktop, the cost of this transaction can be credited towards your purchase, or can be refunded back to the original method of payment, if you prefer.