Manage the Unmanageable: Wire Management Options from UPLIFT Desk

Posted by Tyler Reinhardt on Jan 18th 2018

Manage the Unmanageable: Wire Management Options from UPLIFT Desk

Welcome to the jungle. And by that I mean the disorganized mess under your desk. Between your computer, your phone, your desk lamp, and whatever other device you’ve got taking up residence on your workspace, the wire and cable situation has probably criss-crossed its way into something unsightly. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of ways to get organized, and while the initial untangling of the wires is going to feel a lot like Christmas decorating the day after Thanksgiving, the end result of good wire management is well worth the time and effort. When you're in search of cable management tools, we have plenty of solid products to help you wrangle and organize with the best of them.

For jobs that don’t require a whole lot of extra equipment to achieve a nice aesthetic, UPLIFT has a few affordable items that’ll give you the extra hand you need. The Wire Management Tray by Uplift Desk is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s a tray that is made out of durable plastic that mounts to the underside of your desk with a combination of wood screws and an adhesive strip. After installing the tray you can fit quite a few cords in the J-shaped compartment, but probably the most effective use for it is as a holder for a surge protector. This allows you to plug your devices into the surge protector at a reachable distance rather than having to search for it on the floor. This is fantastic for height-adjustable desks like the growing family is sit-stand options from UPLIFT Desk because the cords for your devices are able to travel with the desk as the height adjusts, rather than risking the cords being pulled every time you go from sitting to standing. It also makes all of your outlets easy to reach, so you don’t have to crouch to plug and unplug your devices.

UPLIFT Desk's Cable Organizer is another great tool for managing unruly wires at and around desks. It allows you to take a group of wires and condense them all into one long cord, transforming a wiry mess into an aesthetically-pleasing office success. For wires and cables that need a little more guidance, Cable Management Clips by UPLIFT Desk are your go-to tools to make it happen. They attach to your desk with an adhesive backing and can hold a pretty wide variety of cables and cords. They’re also easy to move to a new location, should you ever change your mind about where you placed them.

For heavy-duty cable organizing though, the best value is going to come from one of our Wire Management Kits, which include varying degrees of utility for a great price. The most basic of the kits is pretty aptly named the Basic Wire Management Kit. This kit includes 12 screw-in cable mounts, 12 reusable cable ties, 10 adhesive re-adjustable cable tie mounts, 3 cable management clips, 6-outlet surge protector power strip, cable organizer, accessory hook, and all of the necessary hardware to mount each one. If you’re scratching your head about some of these, the screw-in cable mounts are pretty self-explanatory. They mount wires to your desk using a plastic piece and a wood screw. This is slightly different from the adhesive cable tie mounts which attach to the metal desk frame using a sticky backing. Cable management clips also attach using adhesive but rather than using a plastic tie, the cables are held in place with the specially designed rubber grip slot. The cable ties work like zip ties and we’ve already covered the cable organizer. Lastly, the accessory hook is a hook that mounts underneath the desktop via wood screws and the surge protector does what you'd expect it to you - protect your devices from getting fried when there's a power surge. It comes with the added function that turns a single power outlet into 6, so you can power and charge your computer, phone, and all your accessories with more peace of mind.

The next stage in flawless wire management is the Advanced Wire Management Kit by UPLIFT Desk, which is pretty much the same thing as the BWMK except you also get the Wire Management Tray, as well. As we said before, it’ll hold a lot of wires but where it really shines is as a holder for the surge protector, letting your wires adjust with a height adjustable desk and providing easy access to your power outlets. Finally, there’s the ultimate in wire management, which also bears a pretty fitting moniker. The Ultimate Wire Management Kit by UPLIFT Desk gives you everything you get in the first two wire management kits but with the addition of a modesty panel, which allows you to further shield the underside of your desktop from prying eyes. It’s the wire management equivalent of shoving things under the bed when your mother asked you to clean your room. The modesty panel is made from a black mesh and attaches to the underside of your desk through the use of special clips and wood screws. It’s the final piece in making sure that your wires stay out of sight and out of mind.

Proper wire management is essential to maintaining an organized workspace and giving a good impression when coworkers and clients come to visit. With all of these ways to tame the wiry wilderness residing underneath your desktop, there’s no reason to have to put up with a messy tangle any longer. Give us a call at 800-531-3746 or shop through our site to start your desk's wire management transformation today!