Improve Storage in Tight Spaces with the Narrow 2-Drawer File Cabinet with Seat

What do you do when you find yourself in a situation with little space and less-than-ideal storage? Improve it with our Narrow 2-Drawer File Cabinet with Seat!

Very similar to our popular 2-Drawer File Cabinet, this skinny little beauty sports a narrower design, allowing it to fit in more spaces. If you work in a cubicle or in an area with limited space, this is a must. Decor, papers, and personal items start taking up much-needed space, cutting into your work area. When you've had enough of the clutter, give yourself a multifunctional storage/seating option that helps you work better.

How Storage Helps Productivity

"But how does a file cabinet help me work better?" you might be asking.

Well, working with ample storage can actually help boost your productivity. Clearing off your workspace on your desktop might feel like a chore, but it actually helps you work better without needless clutter in the way. Not only that, when your things are put away, you're able to focus better on your work instead of the looming pile of junk on your desk. And with your personal things tucked safely away within the cabinet's two locking drawers, you can rest assured that everything is protected when you're working.

Put your documents in the spacious bottom drawer, which is sized to hold paper, folders, and larger things like purses. Its soft-close top drawer stores smaller items, and even comes with a removable accessory tray to help you sort your pens and paper clips. This allows you to clean off your work area and use it for more important things besides backup storage.

Take a seat on top of the Narrow 2-Drawer File Cabinet's comfortable cushion. That's right, this storage solution doubles as a side seat for short-term sitting. This gives you a comfy spot for your coworkers to use when they stop by for impromptu meetings around your workstation. Of course, the cushion is also removable to allow for more traditional storage, if that's more up your alley.

Mobile to new locales thanks to locking casters, its eye-catching rounded design fits in seamlessly with a wide variety of office stylings. Enjoy choosing from multiple finish options, letting you coordinate your storage with your desk frame and accessories.

Find What Fits (Just Right)

But if this cabinet is not quite what you're looking for, we have plenty of other office storage options to suit your space. If you're interested in a larger storage cabinet, our 3-Drawer File Cabinet or Slide Out Office Storage Cabinet are excellent solutions. And as always, if you need help choosing, please chat, call, or email us and we'd be glad to help you tailor down your choices.